Murphy Afolabi: Adunni Ade Disproves He Owes Late Actor N150,000 Acting Fee


nollywood actress adunni ade has responded to claims that he owed the late actor Murphy Afolabi N150,000 acting fees.

Recently, the actress has been perceived as a pariah in the Yoruba film industry due to her comments during the recent general election that saw Bola Tinubu emerge as the elected president of Nigeria.

During the election period, Adunni accused some of his industry colleagues who worked for politicians for misery.

She said: “Many of you left your homes, sat somewhere for two months and literally paid them peanuts. You fought against yourselves; they paid them peanuts. I have a screenshot of someone who got N90,000 after wasting his damn life for two months campaigning for someone.”

Although she declined to name a particular name, actress Bukky Adekogbe Raji, popularly known as Aminatu Papapa, took her post personally and made a video addressing her using derogatory words.

Recently, at the Right Day Fidau Prayer held in honor of the late Murphy, a public announcement was made urging Adunni to repay the money to the late actor’s burial committee.

The funds were reportedly sent to Adunni by the late Murphy, who died on May 13, as payment for a role in his upcoming film.

The movie had not yet been filmed before his untimely death.

The announcer of the prayer ceremony spoke in Yoruba and said: “Adunni Ade, please return the 250,000 naira you owe to the late Murphy Afolabi.”

However, the embattled actress, through her media team, Virgin Outdoor, has come forward with evidence that she paid the actor his money before he passed away.

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debt paid

In a Virgin Outdoor statement, the 46-year-old set the record straight regarding the claims she owed to the late Mr Afolabi.

The actress emphatically stated that the accusation was false.

“This is not the time for anyone to slander others or say things that would negatively influence the memory of a man I treated with honor and respect. Let’s all respect the dead.

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“I never cheated on him in his life, nor would I cheat on him or anyone in the afterlife. May his soul rest in peace,” he wrote.

She further explained that the late Mr. Murphy Afolabi contacted her and requested her services for film production. According to her, the late actor told her that it was a self-financed production and that he could not pay her professional fees but that he would need my moral support.

“I asked how many scenes and how long I was expected to be on set. She said ten scenes and it would take a day. He offered to ‘refuel my car as a fee, payment for which was made on 2 July 2021 for N150,000.

“Unfortunately, on July 11, 2021, shortly before the start of production, I lost my little brother. I contacted Mr. Murphy Afolabi a few days later to request his bank account details, to send him a refund, as I would be traveling to the United States for my younger brother’s funeral and to spend time with the rest of my family. family. She explained.

Adunni, of Nigerian and German descent, said the late actor insisted she keep the money while he decided whether to move up the shoot or contact her for another one.

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“I returned to Lagos at the end of September 2021 and waited for his call. Mr. Murphy Afolabi contacted me on 8th October 2021 and told me that he wanted to start a new job soon and that he needed me for four days, acting as the lead, but for the same amount of N150,000 that he had paid. in July.

“I respectfully declined, requested your bank account details and transferred to your bank account the full refund of N150,000 on the same day 08 Oct 2021,” he said.

He posted, along with proof of both payments, in a post on his Instagram page.

more controversy

As an actress, Adunni has been in the news a lot lately.

Also in February 2023, actress Kudi Alagbo criticized her for misleading people into believing that she is worth more than she seems.

Alagbo claimed that Adunni had no chairs when he lived in the Oko Oba area of ​​Lagos before moving to the island.

The ‘Soole’ actress responded to Alagbo by sharing a video of her old house with its furniture on display.

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Murphy Afolabi: Adunni Ade Disproves He Owes Late Actor N150,000 Acting Fee

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