New YouTube design makes fast video forwarding/rewinding easier


YouTube is releasing new designs and edits that make it easier for users to locate a specific section of the video they are looking for. These changes include the ability to zoom in/out for everyone and an accurate search with a more usable preview. These changes are currently being implemented across the video platform.

With the new functionality, users can take advantage of zooming in on YouTube videos using the same method used in photos thanks to the new zoom feature. If this sounds familiar, it’s because YouTube began experimenting with the functionality in August with YouTube Premium users. Users will be able to quickly advance or revert videos to a certain point thanks to (finally) improved search accuracy. YouTube will provide a frame by frame view as you scroll through a video, making it much easier to locate and watch a particular clip.

After weeks of testing, YouTube is also releasing a brand new Ambient mode that uses “dynamic color swatches” to change the background color of the app according to the colors of the currently shown video. This functionality is now available to all users of dark themes on the web and mobile. By giving playlist videos the same aesthetic treatment, you won’t be distracted by the background surrounding the video you’re watching right now.

Additionally, YouTube said it makes dark mode darker to enable colors to appear on your screen regardless of which device you’re watching your videos from. The site is also redesigning its “Subscribe” button and turns links in video descriptions into buttons.

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The download, share, and like buttons are also designed to minimize distractions, and the corners of video thumbnails are curved. With these tweaks, Google-designed material updates, which were previously implemented in a number of its products, including Gmail, Docs, and Calendar, now fit into the shape of YouTube.

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New YouTube design makes fast video forwarding/rewinding easier

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