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Vskit Nigeria Marketing Manager Sean Shu has said that the ease of use and sharing of materials on social media, especially as the COVID-19 pandemic unfolds, are some of the characteristics that have brought the video sharing platform for celebrities.

In a statement Wednesday, Shu said more Nigerians are turning to other means to keep themselves busy and keep up with formal and informal daily activities to make ends meet as the pandemic continues.

He noted that the average time spent on social media platforms has reached record levels, with users relying on Instagram, Vskit, Zoom, Twitter, Netflix, YouTube, and others to stay busy and entertained while indoors.

Shu added: “Revelers, artists and short video creators have opted for Vskit, which seems to be the pop-up app tailored for Africans when it comes to making plays.

“Vskit offers several unique features, which have led to its adoption by millions of young Nigerians who love to create video scenes, whether it’s comedy acts, singing, dancing, or just nonsense.

“The app’s ease of sharing content on other social platforms like Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp has also kept users tangled as the world continues to fight the virus.

“The platform has seen a growing number of famous artists registering on Vskit to take advantage of the platform’s reach to increase their content views and increase their fan base.

“Artists are leveraging the video-sharing app to promote new and old music installments, while comedic acts are strategically pushing content to the excitement of their fans.

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“Comic acts and music artists like Mr. Macaroni, BRed, Taaooma, Iyanya, Small Doctor, Ikorodu Bois, are just a few of the many popular names that actively use and attract their fans on Vskit,” said Sean.

The statement mentions that one user, Olivia, 23, said, “I have many friends in Vskit and I can catch up on what is happening in their lives as we cannot see it often.”

“I also watch a lot of funny short videos of my favorite comedians and celebrities, and I also share my funny side in the app.”

Another unique thing for fans, celebrity fans, and other regular users of the video-making and video-sharing app, Shu said, are the numerous challenges that come with luscious rewards that constantly pop up in the app.


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