Nigerian lawmaker criticized for boasting that APC will influence Supreme Court ruling


A member of the House of Representatives, Yusuf Gagdi, has been attacked after boasting that his party, the Congress of all progressives (APC) in Plateau State, will influence the Supreme Court’s decision on the petition challenging the outcome of the gubernatorial election in the state.

In a video trending on social media, Gagdi was heard boasting at a rally in the state on Sunday about the APC’s ability to achieve victory in the Supreme Court.

The Court of Appeal on Sunday removed Governor Caleb Mutfwang, a member of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), and declared APC candidate Nentawe Goshwe the winner of the state’s March 18 gubernatorial election.

The court had last month overturned the ruling of the state Governor’s Electoral Tribunal affirming Mr. Mutfwang’s victory in the elections.

Mutfwang, who described the Court of Appeal ruling as a temporary setback, has since said he would appeal it to the Supreme Court.

The acting national president of the PDP, Umar Damagun, has also called for the review of the contradictory ruling, alleging that it was partial.

Gagdi, the lawmaker representing Pankshin/Kanam/Kanke Federal Constituency of Plateau State on the platform of the APC, said the outcome of the governorship election at the Supreme Court will be based on who both parties know.

“We have gone to the Court of Appeals and the final destination is the Supreme Court and we will meet there. There we will know who they know and they will know who we know,” she said in the 18-second video clip.

As the lawmaker spoke, some people in the background could be heard praising him for his statement.

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Gagdi, former Deputy Speaker of the Plateau State House of Assembly, is a two-time member of the House of Representatives.

He had aspired to be speaker of the current 10th House of Representatives, but withdrew along with others two days before the election to support Abbas Tajudeen, who later emerged victorious.

Gagdi headed the House of Representatives ad hoc committee that investigated labor racketeering in government parastatals but allegedly extorted heads of federal ministries, departments and agencies.

The House has yet to fulfill its promise to investigate the allegation reported exclusively by Newslodge.


Some social media users, particularly X (formerly Twitter), on Monday heavily criticized Gagdi for publicly boasting about the Supreme Court election result in favor of the APC.

@wilde_sugar said: “So justice in Nigeria is about who you know and not about what is the truth or what is right.

“Nigeria is a crime scene and it has yellow tape around it. Politicians are always polarizing the system.”

@SomaToken He said: “But that is the game of the Court na, it is a game of good lawyers and favorable judges… Look at the American judges who will sentence a black man for the same crime as his white compatriot.

“The black man will get the highest application within the Law, while his countryman will get the lowest. So tell me you’re not being sentimental.”

@gaustinto1 He said: “It doesn’t even surprise me anymore. A senator once narrated how he got his wife to favor his own people.

@ChucksBrunoOK He said: “And a lady I respect a lot decided to marry this man, I was so surprised that she could go so low as to even share a bed with this man.”

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@ozuruigbo01 said: “Who do you know and who do they know. That is how you get justice in Nigeria today.”

@Uyanajahswill He said: “The judiciary has been trapped and the courts are no longer the last hope for the common man.”

@luvcsquare2real said: “It has obviously become bragging rights (sic) to APC, they are no longer hiding it. Shame on the Nigerian judiciary.”

@xamhry said, “So our judiciary is about who you know!”


In June, former Bauchi North senator Adamu Bulkachuwa confessed that he influenced court rulings while his wife, Zainab, served as judge and president of the Court of Appeal.

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