Nigerians disagree with FG on the claim to reduce the price of data by 50%


Some Nigerians have questioned the Federal Government (FG) claim that it has reduced the cost of internet data by 50 percent in 2020.

The claim was made by the Minister of Communications and Digital Economy, Dr. Isa Ali Ibrahim Pantami, when in a statement he stated that “according to the NCC report, the average cost of NCC data in November 2020 was N487.18 , which is equivalent to 47.33% less than the projected value ”of N925,

According to Pantami, the NCC report “also indicates that the cost of data in November 2020 was less than 50% of the cost of data in January 2020.”

However, responses collected from Nigerians disagreed with the statement. In the post with the title “Have you felt the impact of a 50% data reduction?”; readers in Facebook Y Twitter reacted.

Stamp Duty: I will fight injustice against NIPOST until it is reversed - Pantami
Dr. Isa Ibrahim Pantami, Minister of Communication

– Increase in consumption load –

Some Nigerians claimed that their data now ends faster than before. Some of these respondents agreed that the cost of data was lowered, but said that telecom service providers also increased the usage charge to complement the reduction.

In her response, a reader on Facebook, Ukamaka Maryrose Nwankwo said; “My data from two weeks ending in 3 days, I do not watch online videos and sometimes I avoid connecting, but no way. Now I am not less than 1 month old, I am not sure if this reaches a week of sef “.

Also, Tochukwu Praise said; “Did you reduce the cost? How do you explain the increased charges when you cut costs? It is true that the prices of the data were reduced, but the charge per kilobite increased as an effect. 1GB that would last a month initially, it can’t take you for three days, who are you kidding. “

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A Twitter user, Tony Ebi @ TonyEbi555 stated; “The data that the networks will recover without use, you cannot monitor because you do not have what it takes.”

– Audio reduction –

However, many respondents stated that they are still buying data at the same rate as before. The minister’s statement was labeled by them as “audio reduction.”

One reader, Mojekwu Uche, jokingly answered our question like this; “Please teach me how to upload data from the federal government.”

Another reader, Brendan Gilbert Anuonye, ​​said; “Nope. It was the audio as usual. “While some directly used the word” lie “in their comment.

Like Etim Bassey; “Every liar will always be a liar.” ; Joel Yuyu; “Lie wherever you go”; Nwokedi Christopher, “Lie from the abyss of hell”.

A Twitter user; Otaelo Smart @otaelosmart said; “Not yet. Like gasoline, which still sells at number 166 per liter despite the announced reduction in almost a week.”

– 1GB of data still costs N1,000 –

Nigerians like OFFICALWIZZY @chuwkwuebuka claimed that the cost of 1GB is still N1,000. In the comment, the Twitter user said; “I don’t need prayers … I still want to buy data for 1k.”

However, an investigation revealed that many network providers now offer 3GB of data for as little as N500. But the validity of said data is 7 days.

Many Internet users in Nigeria are more used to subscribing monthly and are always looking for data plans with better deal and low consumption cost and not as in the case described by the Facebook user; Folarin Eniayewu in pidgin like this; “Wait or. So! I don’t realize that I am. I even want to call my network provider to ask them. Bcos B4 I dey full clock level with 200mb. Now with 2gig na only ads that dey watch. Chai! “

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Experiencing the same was Kings Amasor; “We have not felt any change, instead I subscribe for 2 gig, I look for only one day and now they warn me that my data is almost finished, Nigeria is a big scam.”

Meanwhile, the rapid consumption of the data of these users may be due to their browsing behavior.

Activities like streaming and downloads can significantly increase data consumption.

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