Oniduromi: Tope Alabi under fire for condemning Yinka Alaseyori song [VIDEO]


Popular gospel singer, evangelist Tope Alabi, has come under heavy criticism for condemning a Yinka Alaseyori song in a viral video.

NEWSLODGE observed that Alaseyori had described in a song God as his (spiritual) guarantor or defender.

The song, ‘Oniduro mi e seun’, which means ‘thank you my guarantor’, became very popular among the people of the Southwest.

The song became a “hymn” in churches, as a Sunday will hardly go by without a “mention” of it during services in the Southwest.

But, Tope Alabi, making a veiled reference to Alaseyori during an event, said it would be wrong for someone to label God as their guarantor.

Tope Alabi said there was a day when he wanted to sing the song, but the Holy Spirit told him to be quiet.

For her, God is more than a surety or surety and it would not be good to describe him that way.

The singer said in Yoruba language that gospel singers need to digest songs very well before releasing them to the public, otherwise people will be singing nonsense.

“Look at the enormous things that God has done and now someone came out to say Oniduromi e seun. God is not my own guarantor. God is more than a guarantor. I also loved that song, but the day I wanted to sing it, the Holy Spirit said ‘shut your mouth’. This is not like saying that a song is not good. When you receive a song in the spirit, there are some deliberations you need to have with the Holy Spirit before releasing it to the public, otherwise, if you release it as it comes, people will just be singing garbage. It has given us the brain to digest it really well and then bring it back. “

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But, since then, many have attacked Tope Alabi online, saying he was only envious of Yinka.

See some comments below.

Adetunbi Saheed Ige: “Now I can understand. Does Tope Alabi think she can be the champion forever? This woman is giving him a run for his money praising God and Aunt Tope just wants to intimidate her into keeping quiet. It’s not possible. This woman has just risen to world fame due to the envy of Tope Alabi. “

Babajide Oderinde: “Whatever Tope Alabi’s true intention with the childish and un-Christian stunt he did, it has only succeeded in making this talented woman more popular. Although I have been listening to his soul-lifting songs for some time now, I didn’t know what he looks like until now. This is a case where God uses the antics of your enemy to get you up. The kind of hatred and earthly competition that exists in Christendom. “

Paul Olayemi: “You don’t really know how God has done it for the lady who sang the song to be more famous. God has used the so-called Tope Alabi to be his advertising channel without any payment. She believes that he was depressing her without knowing that the criticisms she made of her will become uplifting. Tope Alabi, thank you for the free advertisement you made to promote the lady through your jealousy. “

Anuoluwa Iyiola: Tope Alabi is proud. Imagine her attending a christain program, if you don’t pay her up to N250k, she will never be able to come, if not more. Business gospel artist, I’m not saying they shouldn’t give you money, but gospel isn’t for sale.

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Princess Paulin: Abraham was great, Isaac was great, but Jacob was tremendously great. Alaseyori, it’s your time for Yori. If you know, you know.

Look the following video.


Oniduromi: Tope Alabi under fire for condemning Yinka Alaseyori song [VIDEO]

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