Osun registers the first confirmed case of diphtheria disease


Osun State Government The first case of the diphtheria disease in the state was confirmed on Monday.

The case was registered in the Ilesa Este local government area of ​​the state.

A middle-aged man whose identity could not be determined has been found to have contracted the disease and is currently in isolation at an undisclosed hospital.

The Nigerian Center for Disease Control (NCDC) had earlier said it was monitoring the diphtheria situation in Yobe and Osun states, where it was detected.

Olawale Rasheed, spokesman for the state governor, confirmed the presence of the diphtheria disease in the state.

Rasheed said the victim had been isolated and put on treatment.

The governor’s spokesman said the government had also begun tracing contracts and looking for other people who may have been infected with the disease elsewhere in the state.

He said the state government has also started awareness programs for residents on how to prevent the disease.

“What the state is doing to reduce the spread of diphtheria in Osun State is active case finding in the community and raising awareness of the community during active case finding, retroactive case finding in health of the affected LGA, contact tracing and follow-up of the index case. ”

The governor’s spokesman added that the government was training health workers on how to treat the diphtheria disease, distributing preventive materials to hospitals and raising awareness among state residents through radio jingles and other programs.

He said the government was also doing: “Production and distribution of IEC materials. Training of Health workers on case definition and Prevention and Control of Diphtheria Infections. Production and broadcast of jingle on prevention and Training of Health workers in taking samples of Diphtheria ”, she added.

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Mr. Rasheed advised parents to ensure their children are fully vaccinated.

“Diphtheria is a vaccine-preventable disease, therefore all parents and guidance should ensure their wards are fully vaccinated,” he advised.

“Once someone starts coughing or has a sore throat, see your doctor. There is nothing like an ordinary or normal cough. Eat fruits and vegetables and stay hydrated. Avoid crowded environments and if necessary let us use our face masks.

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