PPD supporters attack Amotekun’s body during Adeleke’s inauguration


Young people from the party attacked on Sunday some operatives of the Amotekun Body on duty at the inauguration of Osun Governor Ademola Adeleke in Osogbo.

The incident occurred after a discussion between the two groups about the security service for the new governor.

The group of Peoples’ Democratic Party (PDP) members were in Mr. Adeleke’s convoy to the Osogbo Municipality Stadium, site of the ceremony.

Party enforcers came down to clear the way of some waving supporters to allow the governor’s convoy to reach the parking lot.

But Amotekun’s corps approached them and asked them to leave the governor’s convoy.

However, the match enforcers responded by attacking the outnumbered officials with sticks.

The thugs, in large numbers, chased officers away from the scene, insisting they had no right to separate them from the governor’s convoy.

The thugs wore caps emblazoned with the PDP logo and a picture of Mr. Adeleke and held the PDP flag in their hands.

However, the conflict ended when the police intervened.

The new governor and his deputy were sworn in at around 11:47 a.m., administered by Osun state’s superior judge, Oyebola Adepele-Ojo.

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Ironically, Mr. Adeleke, later in his inaugural speech, pledged to combat insecurity in the state by strengthening the Amotekun corps and local hunters.

“The Amotekun Corps will be strengthened while our administration will ensure the operational link between local hunters and the Amotekun Corps,” the governor promised.

“We will embark on a security sector reform that will focus on crime prevention, detection, neighborhood watch and better synergy between security agencies,” he added.

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The governor said he will also adopt operation “know your neighbor” to target those who are terrorizing the state.

“A “Know Your Neighbor” security initiative will be implemented. By the grace of God, very soon, Osun will return to its former nature of being a haven of peace.”

The Amotekun Corps Field Commander in the state, Amitolu Shittu, confirmed the attack on his members.

“Five of our members were assaulted at the inauguration ceremony,” Shittu said.

“We will not be intimidated by that, we will continue to fight crime,” he said.

Retrospective scene

There have been conflicts between Amotekun Corps operatives and the PDP since the campaign period.

The PDP had alleged that Amotekun’s body would be used to rig the elections in favor of the then ruling APC party.

The PDP then applied to the court for an order to prevent the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) from seeking the assistance of Amotekun agents for security during the elections.

A Federal High Court in Osogbo later blocked the body from sending officials to voting units in gubernatorial elections.

Judge Ayo Emmanuel in his ruling said that the Amotekun Corps was not part of the security personnel that was deployed for the Osun state governor election.

“The first defendant hereby refrains from requesting the deployment of the second defendant as part of the deployable security personnel for the purpose of the Osun State Governor’s election pending the determination of the citation of origin filed in this lawsuit. ”, ruled the judge.

“The second defendant is hereby barred from deploying or volunteering her officers, agents and staff as part of the deployable security personnel for the purpose of the Osun State Governor election pending determination of the original summons filed in this lawsuit.”

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