Rachael Okonkwo and Chigozie Atuanya Featured as Ambassadors for Luter


Nollywood stars Rachael Okonkwo and Chigozie Atuanya have been introduced as ambassadors for Luter at a glamorous ceremony in Lagos.

Both actors, famous for starring in Nkoli Nwa Nsukka (2014) and King Jaja of Opobo (1998), will portray Luter, a drug against malaria from Phamatex Nigeria Limited.

Justifying the choice of actors, CEO Joseph Ebowusim noted that the ambassadors were carefully selected because their personalities align with the company’s vision.

Ebowusim underlined the quality and standard that the brand represents and that it was only appropriate to choose ambassadors taking into account the criteria in which the selected actors fall.

He said, “This collaboration with the new ambassadors comes as our company as a brand is making great strides and breakthroughs in the Nigerian pharmaceutical industry.”

He added that they have a responsibility to increase brand awareness and sales of the company they represent.

Rachael and Chigozie’s responses

During the contract signing ceremony held in Amuwo Odofin, Lagos, Rachael, a native of Enugu, expressed her gratitude for the role of ambassador.

The 34-year-old actress pointed out that choosing an ambassador for a brand is one thing and knowing who to choose to be the face is another.

Nkoli Nwa Nsukka, as she is affectionately called, appreciated the honor of being selected for her values ​​and personality in recognition of what Luter stands for.

Nollywood stars Rachael Okonkwo and Chigozie Atuanya,

She said: “I feel blessed and honored to be among you today. Choosing a brand ambassador is not a joke. I am also delighted to know that my core values ​​and moral standards align with those of the brand, making it easier for me to be selected to represent the brand.”

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Similarly, his colleague, Chigozie, from Abia State, reinforced his comments and welcomed the opportunity to represent Luter.

Understanding what the role demands and what is expected of them as ambassadors, the 42-year-old actor vowed to effectively use their positions to drive the results the brand seeks.

“I am someone who believes in action and I must say that I am ready to take this position. I will do the right thing to make sure we comply.

“We will pass the message wherever they want us to take it. Thank you very much.” He said.


Rachael began her acting career as a child, but due to a lack of movie roles, she was seen more as a dancer in popular gospel videos.

In 2007, he ventured into Nollywood in minor roles. However, her breakthrough came in 2014, when she played Nkoli’s main character Nwa Nsukka as Nkoli.

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On the other hand, Chigozie made his screen debut in a 1998 film titled King Jaja of Opobo and has since produced and starred in several Nollywood films.

He is primarily known for Chetanna (2015), Save the Princess (2022), and Brother’s Keeper (2014).

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Rachael Okonkwo and Chigozie Atuanya Featured as Ambassadors for Luter

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