Reverting to gas will solve 90 percent of Nigeria’s fuel problem – Aminu, Director NGEP

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The Director of the National Gas Expansion Program of the Ministry of Petroleum Resources in Katsina State, Yahaya Aminu Aba, has asked Nigerians who have not yet returned to using natural gas as an alternative fuel source to start doing so, already which has the capacity to solve 90 percent of Nigeria’s energy problem.

According to Aminu, the use of another traditional source of fuel, such as logging for firewood, has ultimately led to desertification, which is a major factor responsible for the crisis between herders and farmers, as well as banditry.

“We have more gas reserves than oil and this gas reserve that we have, well used, will solve almost 80 percent of our energy problem in the country.

“The traditional source of fuel that we are using, such as firewood and others, is responsible for desertification and that is the genesis of most of the migration that leads to the crisis of headwaters and farmers.

When there is desertification in an area, the herders get frustrated and tend to move to where they have things to feed their cattle and other animals, ”said Aminu.

In addition, he said that using LPG from liquefied petroleum gas for cooking and other tasks is the best option available, as other traditional sources of fuel are dangerous and could lead to various health problems.

“The use of firewood has many health effects as a result of the by-product of burning wood. So if you look at that, then that means we have to look for the cleanest and safest source of energy that we can use, which is globally agreed that natural gas is the safest fuel source. “

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The Director made the call during an awareness workshop on the National Gas Expansion Project organized by the Ministry of Petroleum Resources in conjunction with the Nigerian Content Development and Monitoring Board to engage and plan the rapid deployment of micro distribution centers. in the state of Katsina.

According to the director, the essence of micro distribution centers is to make LPG accessible, affordable and bring it closer to citizens, in particular to locals who have not yet adopted it for cooking in their homes and restaurants.

“So, the essence of this program is to display and shed more light on the importance of the Micro Distribution Center and highlight the concept of putting the micro distribution centers as part of the National Gas Expansion Project. With a Micro Distribution Center, it will be easier for those who want to use gas to access it because the centers are close to you. It is just taking your gas cylinder to the macro distribution center and refilling it

Speaking at the event, the Director General of the Katsina State Investment Promotion Agency, Ibrahim Tukur Jikamshi, said that the MDC will help reduce the level of unemployment in the state. In addition, he said that the MDC will be established across the state and that selected youth will receive the necessary training to manage the centers effectively.

He further said that the program will also consider training people on how to convert their vehicles, generators and other machines from oil use to gas use.

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Reverting to gas will solve 90 percent of Nigeria's fuel problem - Aminu, Director NGEP

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