Sex scandal: Apostle Suleman cried when I lost our pregnancy


Hours after Apostle Suleman Johnson filed a N1 billion libel suit against Nollywood actress Halima Abubakar, the latter exposed her alleged affair with the preacher.

Since July 2022, Abubakar and Mr. Suleman have been in an ongoing battle over a love affair that the apostle denied took place.

Among numerous accusations, the actress said Suleman was behind an unidentified life-threatening ailment that plagued her for years and that he reneged on his promise to marry her.

In September 2022, the actress and her brothers called out Suleman on social media and accused him of being behind her illness.

In his response, Suleman issued a cease and desist notice to the actress while she either sought a published apology or faced legal action.

This did not deter the actress, who continued to call him on Instagram, claiming they were having an affair.

This prompted the preacher, through his legal representatives, Ephesus Lex Attorneys & Solicitors, to bring Abubakar before a judge, J. Enobie Obanor, of the Federal Capital Territory High Court in Abuja Judicial Division.

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Despite the court order for her to appear in court for the start of the case on March 25, the movie star has given an interview in which she has made startling revelations.

In a live session with talent manager Samuel Olatunji, Abubakar alleged that she got pregnant by the preacher who promised to marry her.

He said Suleman cried when she lost the pregnancy.

“When I lost the pregnancy, he was crying; You would think it was real because he was shedding tears because I lost his child,” he said.

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She also revealed that she got pregnant by Mr. Suleman three times and that the last time caused complications, forcing her to take medication.

“It’s crazy. I got pregnant three times by him. The last one made me bleed. I had to take pills to stop it. I bled for five years. I just came off a long hiatus.

“I’ve been in a spiritual battle, so I just got back. The blood just stopped flowing. You will not believe. I wasn’t seeing my period because I don’t know what my period is,” she added.

In a clip from another interview, Abubakar alleged that the cleric slept with her while she was bleeding.

“He was sleeping with me even while I was bleeding. That’s the dangerous part, and she told other people that’s why.

“The whole thing took me by surprise because I was naive and not a spiritual person. Even when I’m on my period, he does that,” the actress said.


Ever since clips of his interview hit the internet, Twitter users have been voicing their opinion on the subject.

Everyone insults this lady and calls her all sorts of names, but these same people never ask the question, “why always Apostle Aramara Suleiman?”

Whenever it’s something to do with ‘MAN OF GOD SORRY GOD OF MAN’ some people just lose their sense of reasoning.

—Aneh Chizzy (@Iam_AnekeChris) January 22, 2023

Some of you ladies who support her here have done about 5 abortions for an ex, but one does not speak, one does not go, advise her to keep her problem and face her problem.

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— Prince Israel (@PrinceI29647040) January 22, 2023


In October 2022, Mr. Suleman filed a case against him for alleged defamation.

The trial begins on March 25.

In 2022, the Apostle filed an appeal against the actress seeking various reparations against her.

It was the first time he would publicly react to the matter since it came to light in July 2022 after Gistlover made a post linking his alleged affair with the Apostle to the fibroid surgery he underwent.

The apostle, who recently survived a gun attack, is filing defamation charges against the actress.

According to the court document, his statements injured his character, credit, reputation, integrity and ministry.

Mr. Suleman is asking the court for an Order ordering Defendant to post a retraction of his defamatory statements posted on his Instagram account. @halimabubakar and in various blogs and online newspapers.

She also seeks an order compelling her to pay for the removal of all links and the reporting of such defamatory comments on all Internet platforms.

Other demands include the sum of N1 billion as aggravated and exemplary damages for libel, a life injunction order restraining her, her agents or servants or otherwise from publishing or causing to be published such or similar defamatory statements. of the plaintiff.

In addition, it also requests an order for Ms. Abubakar to pay the sum of 20 million naira, the legal fees paid to the lawyer handling this lawsuit.

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