Shekarau Vows To Head To Supreme Court, Accuses Gantuve Of Incitement


A senator and former Kano state governor, Ibrahim Shekarau, says his group will appeal Thursday’s Court of Appeals ruling that returned control of the All Progressives Congress (APC) in the state to Governor Abdullahi Gantuve.

Shekarau also accused the governor of goading members of his group in his comments on Thursday’s sentencing.

The Abuja Court of Appeal overturned the Federal Capital Territory High Court ruling invalidating the APC district and local government congresses in Kano state.

The lower court had issued the ruling in a lawsuit brought by a faction of the party led by Shekarau, which had held parallel congresses. The court also declared the plaintiffs’ conferences valid.

However, on Thursday, the appeals court said the lower court lacks jurisdiction over the case as it is not a pre-election matter but an internal party matter, to be decided by the APC leadership.

The ruling returns control of the APC in Kano to Governor Abdullahi Gantuve.

The appellate court decisions were handed down by Judges Haruna Tsammani, Gafai and J. Amadi.

Following the ruling, the APC on Thursday presented a certificate of return to Abdullahi Abbas, a Gantuve loyalist, as state executives chose the party’s state chairman.

Speaking about the trial, Gantuve, in a video in which he spoke in Hausa and posted on Facebook by his new media assistant, Abubakar Ibrahim, said that “the useless G7 group has been crushed.” G7 refers to the Shekarau faction.

“This is the result of what they have done. We are grateful to the people of Kano State, APC members and everyone involved in the struggle and hope that APC will present a certificate of return to Abdullahi Abbas.

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“We will continue to pray because this is not the end of the matter. We are going to restrategize and intimidate our party leaders from the grassroots to the state to pray and be cautious about the useless G-7 group because they are still breathing. We will make sure to crush them,” Gantuve said.

Unbecoming a leader’s statement by Gantuve – Shekarau

In his response after a meeting with members of his group, Shekarau described the governor’s comments as unbecoming of a leader and said the comments have endangered the lives of members of his group.

“When we were successful in court, we didn’t abuse or disrespect anyone. But unfortunately, after his success, Governor Gantuve resorted to violence and publicly slandered us.

Ibrahim Shekarau [Photo Credit: @MallamShekarau]“He said that whoever does not accept the sentence of the court must be crushed. That statement does not present him as a responsible leader who is willing to reconcile and make the APC a united party in the state,” Shekarau said.

The former governor also accused the national leadership of preferential treatment for presenting the return certificate to Mr. Abass.

“They did not present us with the return certificate despite the court ruling in our favor, but they did it to the Gantuve faction less than two hours after the court ruling,” Shekarau added.

However, Shekarau said that the group “received the court sentence in good faith, but we have ordered our lawyers to analyze the sentence and go to the Supreme Court.

“We will ensure justice for all APC members in the state by ensuring determined and inclusive party leadership in the state,” said Mr. Shekarau.

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