Tesla Human Optimus will be mass-produced soon


The human-like robot is a fascinating scientific innovation in which the machine looks exactly like the human body in form, while performing functional purposes such as interacting with human tools and environments for experimental and real purposes.

The human-like robot is usually covered with a torso, head, arms and legs, but for some it may only be waist up.

Tesla has recently become one of the big tech companies at the forefront of humanoid robotics, and on Friday, CEO Elon Musk showed off a prototype of the company’s ‘Optimus’ humanoid robot.

As Musk was unveiling a Tesla bot moving around on stage, waving and pumping his arms in a low-speed dance motion, he predicted that his company would be able to make millions of them, while selling them for $20,000 in three to five years.

According to Musk, Tesla will be ready in three to five years to take orders for the robot, even as he described the electric car company’s move to develop Optimus over a decade or more.

“Our goal is to make a useful robot as quickly as possible,” Musk said. It could eventually “help millions of people,” he said, but that the first uses would be in Tesla’s car factories.

Tesla’s move to design and build mass-market robots that will be tested in its factories signals the company’s standing out from other robotics manufacturers.

At an event designed to showcase the robot and the company’s self-driving car technology, called Full Autonomous Driving, or FSD, Musk quipped, “A robot can do so much more than we’ve shown you. We just don’t want it to fall on its face,” noting that there is Certainly more in the near future.

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The long-awaited unveiling of prototype robots at the company’s Palo Alto, California office can be judged as part of Musk’s claim that Tesla is a leader in artificial intelligence, as he previously stated that it’s not just a platform that makes “cool cars.”

Tesla showed a video of an experimental robot being developed in January, walking out, while waving to a crowd as well as performing simple tasks like watering plants, carrying boxes and lifting metal bars at a production plant at its California factory.

But the company also moved on to the platform with an existing, more streamlined platform that made a slow wave to the audience, which Musk assumed was closer to what he had hoped to bring into production. Musk also said that Optimus will be able to walk within a few weeks.

“There is still a lot of work to be done to improve and prove the Optimus,” Musk said.

According to him, unlike existing robots that “lack a brain” and the ability to solve problems on their own, Optimus will be a “super capable robot” that Tesla aims to produce in the millions.

Tesla isn’t the only automaker investing in humanoid robots, as other automakers such as Toyota Motor (7203.T) and Honda Motor (7267.T), have in the past developed prototypes of robots that can perform complex jobs like basketball shooting, and production robots from ABB, but arguably Tesla stands out as a company that is pushing the market opportunity for a mass-market robot that can also be used in factory work.

“We are trying to follow the goal of the fastest path to a useful robot that can be made in bulk,” Musk said.

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By developing the robotics business, Tesla’s Musk said that Twill will change the terms of a well-known mission statement that has become part of its appeal to investors and climate activists by committing to “accelerating the world’s transition to sustainable energy.”

“Optimus is not directly aligned with accelerating sustainable energy,” Musk said. “I think the mission expands somewhat with the advent of Optimus – you know, I don’t know: make the future great.”

The unveiling of the Optimus prototype isn’t without mixed reviews as other AI materials have in the past, but Musk, who has previously highlighted the dangers of AI, said the mass proliferation of robots has the potential to “transform civilization” and create a “future of plenty.” , a future free of poverty.” But he said he believed it was important for Tesla shareholders to have a role in examining the company’s efforts.

“If I go crazy, you can fire me,” Musk said. “this is important.”

Some comments were positive as several Tweeps praised Tesla’s rapid development efforts since August 2021 as the company announced its project with a stunt person in a white suit simulating a robot.

According to Henry Ben-Amour, professor of robotics at Arizona State University, the $20,000 target price by Elon Musk was a “good proposition,” because current costs are about $100,000 for human-like robots.

“There is some inconsistency between the kind of ambition and what they offered,” he said. “When it comes to dexterity, speed, ability to walk in a stable manner and so on, there is still a lot of work to be done.”

However, Carnegie Mellon Professor of Mechanical Engineering Aaron Johnson emphasized that the need for a robot was moot.

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“What’s really impressive is that they got to that level so quickly. What remains a bit mysterious is exactly the use case for them to make millions of them,” Johnson said.

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