The filmmaker announces a new version of the 1998 Nollywood classic, ‘Diamond Ring’.


Twenty-four years after its initial release, the Nollywood classic ‘Diamond Ring’ is getting a reboot.

In this age, game network studioswho has become famous for remaking Nollywood classics, will produce the film.

The producer, Charles Okpaleke, announced on Instagram that his production team, Playnetwork, has acquired the rights to the film.

Okpaleke, who posted a photograph of himself and the film’s original director Tade Ogidan, announced that he acquired the rights to ‘Diamond Ring’ a year ago.

Interestingly, it also revealed Mr. Ogidan as the director of the remake.

Liz Benson was the ghost in Diamond Ring

He wrote: “I acquired the rights to ‘Diamond Ring’ (my favorite Nollywood classic) a year ago and will be working with the original IP owner/director to recreate this incredible classic.”

Diamond ring

A surreal themed film, ‘Diamond Ring’, follows the story of Chidi, a member of the secret cult, XG. In an attempt to prove her worth by joining the cult, Chidi, a freshman and the only child of her parents, steals a diamond ring from the corpse of the late Mrs. Gladys.

The spirit of Ms. Gladys haunts Chidi and her friends as cult members die one after another.

Chidi, on the other hand, suffers from a peculiar disease that cannot be treated by orthodox medicine. The journey to find her cure culminates in the return of the diamond ring to Mrs. Gladys’ corpse.

Produced by OGD Pictures and Mr Ogidan’s OJ Productions, the film boasts a rich cast, including Gbadewonuola Oyelakin (Teju Babyface) as Chidi, Liz Benson, Bukky Ajayi, Richard Mofe-Damijo, Sola Sobowale, Bimbo Akintola and many others. .

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other productions

Okpaleke also announced the list of films expected from Playnetwork Studios for the coming year.

According to him, ‘Hijack 93’, based on the hijacking of a Nigerian Airways plane in 1993 by four teenagers, will be released next year.

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‘The Six,’ the studio’s first original film, is also among the movies to look forward to.

Others are Haha King biopics of Opobo and Shina Rambo, as well as the sequel to ‘Glamour Girls,’ which was released earlier this year.

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