Types of angels and their various hierarchies



Types of angels and their various hierarchies: Angels are mythical beings that can be found in the mythology and religions of many different cultures. The vast majority of the time, they are depicted as kindly celestial entities that serve as intermediaries between God and human beings. There are several varieties of angels, each of which has a unique authority structure, set of responsibilities, and physical appearance.

Types of angels and their various hierarchies

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How many distinct ranks are there within the angelic realm?

A glance at the angelic hierarchy, along with a listing of all of the angels who hold positions of leadership, is presented here.

First sphere

In the hierarchy of the heavens, godly creatures do not get any more exalted than this level. Angels who reside in this sphere are known as heavenly counselors, and it is commonly believed that they are the ones who are closest to God while also being the furthest removed from humankind. The following is a list of the several categories of angels that reside in the first sphere.


According to the biblical writings, the seraphim angels are characterized as having an intense love for God that drives them to burn with a fervent love. According to one of the Jewish Kabbalah writings, the Seraphim are thought to reside at a location known as Beriyah, which exudes a fiery energy and is located close to the throne of God. Take a peek at some of the divine entities that are a member of the Seraphim in the following image gallery.

  • Seraphiel is a heavenly being that is responsible for guiding others in unceasing praise and who resides in heaven.
  • Michael has the responsibility of battling evil across the cosmos and frequently travels between heaven and earth in the course of his duties. In addition to this, he is included in the category of divine beings known as archangels.
  • He is the official record keeper for heaven and his name is Metatron. He monitors and keeps a record of every single thing that anyone in history has ever thought, written, said, or done.

The Seraphim are depicted in religious literature as majestic heavenly creatures that have six wings that are divided into three groups of two. The first pair shields their faces, the second pair protects their feet, and the third pair serves as a pair of wings for flight. It is also believed that these angels have eyes on every side of their bodies so that they can constantly observe the works of God.

Those who have this position never cease to worship and serve God in their lives. The apostle John makes reference to them in the book of Revelation.


According to the teachings of Christianity, the Cherubim are responsible for watching over the Garden of Eden, ministering to God, and transporting his throne.


The list of entities that reside in the first heavenly sphere is finished off with thrones. According to the teachings of Christianity, Jesus Christ is said to have authority over them. It is stated that they have four faces and four wings on each of their bodies. Angels that embody humility, surrender, and peace are called thrones. In addition to this duty, these beings must administer justice without allowing their judgment to be tainted by pride or ambition. It is stated that thrones are nearly faultless on a spiritual level and frequently emit a Godly light that is filled with goodness. These angels are connected to the concept of judgment and serve as guides for angels in lower ranks.

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The biblical prophet Ezekiel compared the thrones to wheels that had eyes attached to them. According to legend, these wheels are inhabited by angelic spirits that are responsible for driving forward the chariot of God. The eyes stand as a representation of the all-seeing and all-knowing knowledge of God.

Types of angels and their various hierarchies

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Second sphere

Celestial governors are the name given to those who hold positions in this system. They have been given the responsibility of supporting activities pertaining to the throne of God. In the second sphere of the heavenly sphere, how many angels are there? Take a look at the three different categories.


Dominions are powerful heavenly entities that are charged with the responsibility of controlling the universe. It is stated that humans frequently call upon the presence of these angels when faced with predicaments, disputes, or emergencies that require a solution to be found as quickly as possible. In addition to this, dominions are also the rulers of all ranks that are lower than them.

In the hierarchy of the angelic realm, Dominions are placed below Cherubim, Seraphim, and Thrones. Dominions, on the other hand, hold control over divine beings of higher grades, such as Cherubim, because they are the overarching rulers. Even though they are continually concerned with the realities of human people, dominions only rarely come into close contact with actual humans. Tsadkiel is the name of the person in charge of the Dominions. He is known for his quick response in times of crisis, his ability to assist others in accomplishing their goals, and his strong ability to motivate others. Other Dominions include Haaiah, Nith-Haiah, Sehelah, Lerathel, Haaiah, and Vasariah. Lecabel, Omael, and Reyel are also included.


The upkeep of order across the cosmos is dependent upon the practice of virtues. They frequently exude heavenly energy and rid the world of the corrupting forces that cause mankind to stray from the path of justice. The virtues have a reputation for being regal, spotless, and miraculous because of their affiliation with them.

The virtues are also accountable for assisting human beings in understanding the purpose that has been bestowed upon them by God, directing them in the direction of accomplishing that goal, and protecting their souls and bodies. Raphael is the name given to the prince who rules over the Virtues. He possesses divine healing power that can alleviate any suffering that humans are experiencing. The other Virtues are Mikael, Asaliah, Ariel, Sealiah, Yelaiah, Veuliah, Mikael, and Hahahel. It is commonly believed that these beings will safeguard individuals who are meditative, orderly, pragmatic, practical, systematic, and critical.

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Powers are assigned with the responsibility of controlling the powers of demons and assisting people in overcoming the temptations that are brought about by bad beings. In addition to this, powers prevent demons from inflicting harm on people in the way they would like to. Those who are suffering with vices and wicked desires might also benefit from powers because they help cast out impure thoughts.

Types of angels and their various hierarchies

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Third sphere

Angels who reside in this sphere are commonly referred to as divine couriers. They are essentially in charge of authority and the administration of justice. The names of the angels who fall within this group are listed below.


What exactly are these angels called Principalities? These are the heavenly beings who keep watch over huge organizations and communities, such as churches, cities, and even entire nations. When it comes to ensuring that the divine will of God is carried out, the principalities have the authority of lower-ranked angels as well. Principalities, like other angels in the third realm, are responsible for providing mankind with protection, guidance, and the delivery of messages. It is simpler for the angels in the third sphere to connect directly with humans since they are the ones who are closest to humanity and the ones who are furthest away from God.


Despite their position in the order of the heavens as one of the lesser levels, archangels are depicted in religion and mythology as being extremely powerful entities. Although the actual number of archangels is unknown, seven are mentioned in the scriptures of the majority of religions. The many kinds of angels and the functions they serve within this community are discussed in the following paragraphs.

  • Michael is typically portrayed as the most powerful of all angels, which is fitting given that his name means “he who is as God.” Michael is typically portrayed in works of art as a leader within the hierarchy of the heavens, and he is frequently shown with a sword in these illustrations. Those who are looking for vigor, energy, courage, direction, and motivation receive assistance from Michael.
  • In the Christian religion, the name Jophiel is derived from the phrase “beauty of God.” Artists on earth have Jophiel to thank as their patron saint. She assists them in cultivating and sustaining lovely and uplifting thoughts as well as in manifesting those thoughts for the benefit of others. In addition to this, she is in charge of fostering exceptional individuals with distinctive points of view.
  • In the Christian religion, the name Chamuel is derived from the phrase “one who sees God.” He is in charge of preventing the accumulation of destructive energy in order to preserve peace throughout the world. Chamuel assists mankind in discovering the courage and fortitude inside themselves to triumph over the challenges that life presents. In addition to that, he helps restore fractured relationships.
  • Raphael is responsible with both emotional and physical healing of those who come to him. In addition to that, he is the leader of the Virtues. In addition to healing people, he also provides assistance to healers in the performance of their work. In addition to those responsibilities, he is tasked with keeping the peace, looking out for passing passengers, and relieving tension and anxiety.
  • Gabriel is one of the very few angels whose name is referenced in both the Old Testament and the New Testament of the Bible. He is in charge of communication and frequently takes on the role of God’s messenger. Gabriel is also able to assist artists, journalists, professors, and authors in effectively communicating their messages.
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Types of angels and their various hierarchies

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  • Ariel is a Hebrew name, and its Christian meaning is “lion of God.” Protecting the earth, its inhabitants, and its natural resources is one of the roles that Archangel Ariel, the patron saint of animals and the natural world, plays. It is believed that she collaborates closely with Raphael in the process of treating damaged animals. In addition to this, she maintains the order of the moon, the planets, and the stars.
  • Azrael is a name that is commonly associated with the angel of death in many different religions. He is responsible with assisting spirits in their passage from life on earth to the afterlife as well as providing solace to those who have experienced the loss of a loved one. Azrael also supports people who work in the field of grief counseling in coping with the anguish of individuals who come to them for assistance.

Guardian angels

The angels who watch over humans are the divine beings who are the farthest removed from God. They are called guardian angels. Because of this, it is now feasible for guardian angels to converse with humans in the most straightforward manner that is practicable. These angels not only keep people safe from dangerous circumstances but also transmit the will of God through the events that occur in people’s life.

Angels are often considered to be one of the most fascinating things in mythology and religion. These mysterious heavenly beings have been an integral component of human belief, prayer, and, on sometimes, wishful thinking for a very long time. Angels are arranged in a hierarchy that is generally referred to as the nine choirs of angels. This hierarchy is made up of the many categories of angels.


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