Uzodinma expands its leadership with victories in 12 local governments


Incumbent Imo State Governor Hope Uzodinma of the All Progressives Congress (APC) has widened her lead in the ongoing Imo State governorship election, having emerged victorious in 12 of the 27 local government areas. of the state.

Mr Uzodinma’s dominance in the elections is evident from the significant margins of victory he has recorded in the local government areas declared so far.

In Oru West, his party, the APC, polled 38,026 votes, while the Labor Party (LP) and the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) polled 1,867 and 987 votes respectively.

Similar trends were observed in Njaba LGA where the APC polled 8,110 votes, followed by the LP with 995 votes and the PDP with 2,404 votes.

In Owerri North, the APC maintained its lead with 8,536 votes, while the LP and PDP secured 4,386 and 3,449 votes respectively.

Mr Uzodinma’s party was also victorious in Obowo LGA, Nwangele LGA, Owerri Municipal, Orsu LGA, Okigwe LGA, Ideato South, Onuimo LGA, Ngor-Okpala LGA and Oru East.

The results from Obowo Local Government Area show that APC polled 17,514 votes, LP – polled 3,404 and PDP – polled 711.

In Nwangele LGA, APC polled 29,282 votes; LP, 895 and PPD 2,132

For Owerri Municipal, the APC polled 5,324 votes; The LP obtained 2,914 votes, while the PPD obtained 2,180 votes.

In Orsu LGA, APC polled 18,003 votes; LP, 813; while the PPD 624

In Okigwe LGA, the APC polled 55,585 votes; LP, 2,655 and PPD, 1,688.

The ruling APC also emerged victorious in Ideato Sur, where it scored 16,891 points; LP 1,649 and PPD 2,469

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For Onuimo LGA, the APC polled 13,434 votes; LP, 1,753 and PDP 2,676.

in Ngor-Okpala, 14,143 inhabitants; LP, 2,716, and PDP, 3,451, while Oru East APC achieved victory with 67,315 votes; LP, 3,443 and PPD, 2,202.

With 12 local government areas under its belt, the APC appears to be in a strong position to retain control of Imo State.

Saturday’s election was marred by allegations of irregularities and violence, with both the APC, LP and PDP accusing each other of voter intimidation and manipulation.

He Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) has called for calm and urged all parties to respect the electoral process.

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