What to know about Sara Bella, Thomas Partey’s girlfriend



It was alleged that Thomas Partey’s Moroccan lover Sara Bella accused him of rape when he refused to lead her down the aisle during their wedding ceremony. However, here is what we know about the Moroccan lover of the Ghanaian singer.

What to know about Sara Bella, Thomas Partey's girlfriend

What to know about Sara Bella, Thomas Partey’s girlfriend: The athlete Thomas Partey, who plays for Arsenal, was reportedly accused of rape in many stories that surfaced on Twitter last week. Twitter is a major social networking platform. The startling claim indicated that Arsenal’s pre-season itinerary in Germany did not include Partey because it was speculated that he was dealing with personal matters at the time. The Ghanaian midfielder, who is 29 years old, is said to have been accused of rape by his girlfriend, Sara Bella, who is Moroccan. The alleged reason for the accusation is one of the most preposterous explanations ever.

Partey is one of the players on the Arsenal team coached by Mikel Arteta who has emerged as a star, and he is also one of the African players who is doing the continent and the Premier League proud. Through a series of tweets, a source close to the Arsenal midfielder named Partey stated that he had declined his sweetheart Sara Bella’s proposal of marriage. Partey was previously engaged to Sara Bella.

After he had declined to walk her down the aisle at her wedding, Sara allegedly attempted to blackmail him by accusing him of raping her. Things had been going smoothly for the pair up until that point. The allegation of rape was reported to the authorities, and Partey, a local chief in his country of Ghana, was taken into custody by the authorities.

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As fresh rumors emerged indicating that Sara Bella’s social media status has been changed from “Married” to “Single,” the shocking turn of events became a serious twist in their fairytale. It was claimed that Thomas Partey was also in a state of shock due to the fact that he had spent around £700,000 on the individual who had accused him of rape.

Partey had previously converted from Christianity to Islam, and he also changed his name to YAKUBU as a result of his Moroccan girlfriend’s allegations that he had raped her. Partey did this because of the allegations that his girlfriend made against him.

Who exactly is this Sara Bella? The woman who is dating Thomas Partey
According to the information that is currently available to us, Sara Bella is a Moroccan model who is said to be dating the Arsenal player Thomas Partey. On her Tiktok account, which currently has over 10,000 followers, she recently released a video with the Arsenal star, which sparked rumors of a relationship as the two were seen interacting in the footage, even holding hands at one point while riding in a car. The rumors were sparked as the two were seen holding hands in the car.

Additionally, the following may be seen in the bio section of her Tik Tok profile: “Sara maatof partey. Married TP”

The Moroccan model is exceedingly self-aware of her physical appearance and gives the impression that she has undergone cosmetic surgery to alter the appearance of her lips. In order to further her education, Sara Bella uprooted her life and moved to the United Kingdom. and during that time, most certainly came into contact with the Ghanaian footballer.

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Aside from Partey’s TikTok account, there is not a lot of information that is currently known about the person who is said to be Partey’s lover at this moment. On the other hand, Partey had not yet gone public with their relationship prior to the appearance of the charges.

There is a significant difference between Thomas Partey’s actual spouse, Sara Bella, and the woman who is rumored to be the one who started the rape charges at this time. It is important to be aware of this fact. Thomas Partey was “never” on Sara Bella’s dating radar, according to her statements. In contrast to what was said in the description of Partey, the individual who accused him of rape was actually his boyfriend.

The woman in issue, who shares the same name as the football player’s spouse, had recently come out to set the record straight on whether or not she was the football player’s girlfriend or wife. She claims that she has never dated, married, or even been in an intimate relationship with the Arsenal midfielder. She also claims that they have never shared sexual encounters.

Consequently, the rumors that she had a romantic involvement with the athlete are not true. According to Sara, she is a native Iraqi, which differentiates her from the girlfriend of Thomas Partey, who is in reality a Moroccan.

She revealed this information on her official Instagram profile and recommended that her images should not be linked with any stories that have anything to do with Thomas Partey. She made this announcement via her official Instagram page.

She is cited as stating in an update that she posted on Instagram via her story:

“So to clear up the confusion, please stop accusing me, I’m not Partey’s girlfriend, not even his wife. I was born in Iraq and my nationality is Iraqi and I live in Iraq.

“So all I know is that his actual girlfriend is from Morocco not from Iraq. And I’m really tired of all accusations linked to me.“

“So please, stop it. There are bad people and bad journalism that took my photos and took my Instagram page and wrote some bad articles about me…stop accusing, stop hurting me by words.”

My nickname is Sarabella, not my actual name. So that’s all I want to say, thank you for listening.”

Sara Bella, a radiologist practicing in Iraq, has dispelled rumors that connect her to Thomas Partey. A thorough look at Sara Bella’s social media profile reveals that she is currently employed as a radiologist and has an active presence on social media. Her bio on Instagram shows that in addition to being a skincare therapist, she also works as a spa technician and as a facial specialist. As such, she contributes to the process of cleansing, beautifying, and maintaining the skin and face. Additionally, in comparison to Partey’s Sara Bella, she possesses a physique that is noticeably more robust.

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