Why I Married Peggy Ovire – Fredrick Leonard


It was all butterflies and roses on Saturday, November 19, when two nollywood boyfriends, Peggy Ovire and Frederick Leonard, vowed to stay together for the rest of their lives.

In October, the couple, who have been in an on-and-off relationship since 2015, surprised their fans when they announced they were getting married.

The traditional wedding ceremony in Warri, Delta state, was witnessed by friends and colleagues of the couple. It was with the theme #meettheleonards

At the ceremony, the couple was asked to play a game by answering intimate questions about each other, such as who fell in love first, who asked for the first date, and who initiated the first kiss and others.

After the game, the actor, popularly known as Film Lord, got down on one knee to profess his undying love to his new girlfriend.

Nollywood sweethearts Peggy Ovire and Frederick Leonard

Leonard said that for a while he knew she was the one for him, but “the human in him fought hard to resist it.”

He said that although they have been together for seven years, in the last 10 years, Peggy is the one person he realized he couldn’t live without.

“As much as we talk about love, as much as we want to say fancy things, I like you. You know how I get when you want to go out and go on a date; It’s not like you’re doing anything for me.

I want you in the house. Usually you’re downstairs monopolizing the remote and I’m on top. But knowing that you are down in that house gives me peace,” she said.

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The actor explained why he made the decision to marry his girlfriend.

“I wasn’t looking for a wife. I was looking for a soul mate and a best friend. You have been my best friend for a long time. And that’s why even when we fight, we can’t live without each other, just because we miss ourselves.

“Baby, I’ll hold your hands even when we fight. Love you. I wasn’t Film Lord when you met me. But you looked at me and told me that you were born a star. He keeps acting and keeps doing your thing.

“Today, I am a national treasure, but when I look next to me, you must be that woman next to me. You are my everything, and I am happy to call you Mrs. Leonard,” she added.

patient love

The actress confirmed her words that when she met Frederick, he was not the Lord of Cinema that everyone knows.

He also had a message for those who say he’s lucky, noting that he’s been through a lot.

“I have supported this man. But most importantly, I’ve met a man who says Peggy, I’ll take care of you, be patient. He promised me he would spoil me, and Frederick has been foolishly coddling me,” she said.

He also encouraged young women in relationships to be patient with their boyfriends.

“I saw a man who was willing to make money. I saw a man who was not a womanizer, most importantly. That’s why I stayed so long.

Nollywood sweethearts Peggy Ovire and Frederick Leonard

“So, to all the young ladies, if you have a guy you like. You love him, but he has no money; please stay. Listen to him. cheer him up That’s all I’ve done all these years. I got to a point where I thought Frederick wouldn’t marry me. I am like Federico; I’m a good girl; you are wasting my time,” she added.

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The duo had things on and off, leaving fans guessing as to the actual state of affairs.

Their relationship dates back to 2015 when Mr. Leonard confirmed that they were dating.

In 2017, Ms. Ovire denied romantic affiliation with the actor.

In an interview, the former beauty queen said that Mr. Leonard was her friend who encouraged her.

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