Why I Wouldn’t Mind Remarrying My Ex-Husband


Seven years after separating from her ex-husband, Musa Danjuma, a Nollywood actress carolina danjuma she said she wouldn’t mind marrying him again if it’s God’s will.

Caroline married the younger brother of former Defense Minister Theophilus Danjuma in 2007 and they had three children before divorcing in 2016.

The mother of three made news headlines after revealing that the late Tagbo Umeike was her lover.

Mr. Umeike was Davido’s friend. He died in 2017 from excessive alcohol use, according to autopsy reports.

She also revealed that she met him a year after legally divorcing her ex-husband.

In a recent interview with actress Innih Emah on a Youtube show called ‘Speak your Truth with Innih’, the actress, who made her big screen debut in 2004, revealed that she still loves her ex-husband and would not change.

She said: “He would always be the love of my life. He is the father of my three children. He’s the one I said, and you know what? This man is worth being my husband. So yeah, he would always be the love of my life, and that wouldn’t change.

“I would love to get married again, either to my ex-husband or to an amazing new man that God sends. I want to have a family”.

“Yes, I would love to go back to my ex-husband, or if God says, this is the man you will marry. I want peace of mind and happiness. As I get older I want someone I can build with and have peace of mind. Tranquility is more valuable than money.”

Retaining ‘Danjuma’

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Despite changing her name for the third time, Carolyna, formerly known as Caroline Danjuma and Caroline Ekanem, revealed that she still retains her ex-husband’s name, Danjuma, regardless of their divorce.

She noted that she chose the name ‘Carolyna Hutchings’ as her brand, but other than that, she is still named after her ex-husband, Danjuma.

According to the mother of three, after staying off social media for a long time, she decided to rebrand under her father’s name, Hutchings.

The actress, who returned to Nollywood in 2016 with the romantic thriller ‘Stalker’, said she was tired of how people dragged her husband’s name around, necessitating change.

However, the graduate in environmental protection management, geography and regional planning from the University of Calabar highlighted the love and respect for her ex-husband and that nothing would change.

She said: “I still have Danjuma; I still do. I have three children for my husband. He will always be my husband, whether anyone likes it or not. So, I can always carry that name, Danjuma.

“I can still carry my name, Hutchins. Because? I chose Hutchings because when I returned to social media, I had put it off for a while to focus on my oil and gas business, my master’s degree, and my MBA.

“So when I went back to social media, I got sick of how my husband’s name was being dragged around.

“I said, you know what? I want to change brands. So on social media I’m Caroline Hutchings as a brand, but in real life I’m Danjuma.”

“Yes, I still have Danjuma. My husband has no problem with that. Our divorce is final, but the divorce is just a paper. Do we still like each other? Yes. Do we respect each other? Yes. He is the love of my life, and that can never change.”

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The alleged contribution of Linda Ikeji

In the 51-minute interview session, the actress shared how Linda Ikeji’s blog contributed to her failed marriage.

She accused the blogger of posting false stories about her and her marriage, which she quietly tolerated, but it took a toll on her sanity.

According to her, she never knew that the blogger had not met her in person, which left her perplexed as to the intentions behind the lies posted on the blog.

She said: “Yes, it did. When you have a blog, you write about someone based on lies or rumors. You rally people to believe those lies and constantly attack the person. It is not physical abuse. It is emotional abuse. Anyway, we want to say it. That could lead to depression. It can lead to mental instability.”

“I was depressed at some point because of all those things and if not because of the love I received from my family and my faith in God. It would have been worse for me because you’re dealing with one lie, and then another and another comes along.”

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“How often would you come on social media crying because you didn’t do this or that? And you don’t even know this woman from anywhere. You have never met her. From the first time I got married until I left the marriage. It was as if I owned the blog. There were constant writings ”.

The millionaire marriage

Carolyna married billionaire lawyer and tycoon Danjuma in October 2007. At the time, she was reportedly his fifth wife.

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Her marriage to her estranged husband had reportedly raised many eyebrows who questioned her decision due to their age difference as she was his fifth wife.

However, the nine-year marriage, which had three children, two boys and a girl, collapsed in 2016 after a series of complaints, denounced scandals and controversies.

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Why I Wouldn't Mind Remarrying My Ex-Husband

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