Why the fight for NEXIT is not surprising

A Nexit route plan.

By Prince Osuagwu

Mobile mapping solution, NEXIT has become a buzzword. Not only because of the positive digital disruption, it brought to the global tech ecosystem, but mainly because of the economy of purpose that it has injected into the travel subsector of the tourism industry.

For a global economy currently experiencing tough times due to the ravages of the coronavirus pandemic and other economic upheavals, nothing can be more relaxing than a solution that allows travelers peace of mind and, most importantly, some free money on their pockets.

And that’s exactly what the NEXIT mapping app does.

The struggle

The solution didn’t emerge as an idea that hadn’t existed before, but it surely has a unique sense of purpose that is almost insane.

Whereas previous mapping companies were almost one-way, NEXIT as a disruptor came with a broad, multi-dimensional approach to mapping usage. It seems to have entered the minds of all road users, particularly in the US, to sift through problems and replace them with solutions.

Not surprisingly, indications are constantly emerging that various tech and social media organizations are struggling to acquire or partner with this delusion of the moment.

Although unconfirmed reports say that major social media platforms, search engine giants, and multinational technology companies dealing with internet products and services are struggling to have your signature as a partner, it’s no surprise.

Association benefits

There are several opportunities for Nexit’s collaboration with all of these tech giants. Some of these teams do not have their own mapping solutions. Hence, they hook onto the platforms of their rivals or competitors to provide such services to their users.

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The partnership with NEXIT will allow them to keep their users on their own platforms, rather than send them to rivals on behalf of the connection.

Why the fight for NEXIT is not surprising
Nexit City Mode

They also have the opportunity to provide mapping services beyond existing solutions due to NEXIT’s versatility of thinking and the unique multi-dimensional offerings that can be accessed in a single package.

Obviously partnering with NEXIT is sure to generate a significant revenue stream for these teams and turn them into bigger giants.

Experience has shown that most of the tech giants that also have mapping platforms, however, do not host them fully independently.

The users or audiences of these platforms are usually moved from their platforms to the original hosts of the maps.

So, for platforms in the business of knowing who their users are, where they are, what they like and what they don’t like, they lose a very valuable interaction when people discover new places, but they have to leave the space to where the map is. hosted.

However, if the maps were integrated directly into their platforms, they would retain their visitors. That’s the kind of advantage NEXIT can give you, for example.

Again, on some of the maps that some of these teams boast about, there are no provisions for driving directions, route planning, brand / amenity integration, exit information, gas prices, turn-by-turn navigation, among others. , which Nexit provides. .

Unique ad sales opportunities

For some of these tech giants, who want to sell advertising to users while they drive, Nexit could be the deal to tap into their rich, data-mined audience and sell ads, while driving, planning a route, or walking through a city.

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This is basically because Nexit provides a platform to give users access to valuable and desired information that is not available in any other navigation application. The platform is also presented in a way that provides discreet and highly targeted ads to maximize revenue.

Map advertising is a relatively new frontier and Barron’s has estimated it to be worth up to $ 100 billion per year.

Visionary platforms could use the Nexit partnership to bring their audience these unique features and dominate the browsing space before the competition.

Unique features

In addition to other unique features that are not available in other existing map solutions, Nexit’s Highway mode is a game changer. Automatically shows upcoming departures while driving.

Also, it automatically displays the cheapest gas per trip and the cheapest gas banner for the next 50 miles; allows multiple search queries (brand and amenity) simultaneously and shows where they are all in the same output (TravMatch); book hotels along the way, integrated into the trip.

Route planning: integrates preferences (brand and amenities) before you go and allows multiple search queries (brand and amenities) simultaneously, while showing where they are all at the same exit (TravMatch).

Although Nexit only docked in December 2019, however, it has since threatened to occupy the mobile mapping space permanently.

It prides itself on having delved into the critical details of cartographic resources, providing iconic technology blueprints that place mobile maps at the core of today’s travel needs.

For example, providing integrated and personalized travel information and preferences; maximize advertising revenue by displaying relevant and targeted advertising exposures; multiple search queries simultaneously on the same exit and showing upcoming exits while driving, among others, are some of those unique innovations only found in the NEXIT mapping app.

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