‘You must elect me as president to share in the greatness of Nigeria,’ Tinubu tells the Igbos.


The presidential candidate of the Congress of All Progressives (APC) tinubou ballhe has told Igbos that they should vote for him along with other APC candidates in the upcoming general election to share in Nigeria’s “greatness and joy”.

Tinubu spoke Tuesday during the APC presidential campaign rally in Umuahia, Abia state, southeast Nigeria. The march was broadcast live by TVC Newsa television station based in Lagos.

“You owe me and Nigeria three fingerprints. (There are) three people you have to choose to partake in the joy, happiness and share the greatness in Nigeria.

“One, President. Vote for me. Second, Chamber of Deputies (candidates) and third, Senators (candidates) under the symbol of the broom,” he said.

Tinubu made a similar promise to the Igbo during a rally in Enugu state earlier this month when he said electing him as president is the southeast’s only route to “national pie.”

“Only when you invest can you reap. Only when they vote for me will they share in the national pie,” Tinubu said.

Objective for industrialization, export

The APC, during the rally in Abia state, promised to industrialize the state to make it one of the main exporters of manufactured goods in the country.

“Your state is a center of production and industry. Today my hope is renewed that together we can achieve an industrial activity unprecedented in our history.

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“The Aba market is one of the largest in West Africa. I see that it will become a major exporter of all kinds of manufactured goods to Asia, North and South America and Europe,” Mr. Tinubu said.

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“I see this state brimming with industrial activity such that it will become a world-famous hub of activity, from clothing manufacturing to automobiles, appliances and computers and their components,” he added.

Job creation plans

Mr. Tinubu also vowed to provide jobs to the multitude of unemployed youth in the southeast and across the country by strengthening the digital economy and improving the country’s power generation and distribution.

“We will provide a better infrastructure to open the region and the entire country to trade, export, travel and tourism in which they will excel. These include roads, waterways, ports, railways, and the constant and reliable supply of power,” he said.

He reiterated his earlier pledge to end the recurring industrial actions of the Universities Academic Staff Union if he is elected president of Nigeria, saying he will give priority attention to education and restore confidence in the country’s education system.

“I promise you that today, your frustrations will end. None of you will spend eight years in a four-year course,” she said.

The APC candidate also promised to address the growing insecurity in the country.

“Insecurity will be addressed using advanced technological platforms for the surveillance and tracking of kidnappers and violent criminals,” he said.

“Security forces will be better trained and better compensated. They will exercise restraint when necessary, but will also show strength whenever they are put to the test. This nation will be a safe and prosperous place to live.”

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