Yul Edochie, Judy Austin smiling at bench as Nigerians mourn Facebook posts


The House of yul edochie it’s in disarray, or so we’re supposed to believe. In recent days, the actor Edochie and his second wife, Judy Austin, have been on the Internet with their problems.

They say that new couples tend to have problems. Perhaps this is the case with the Edochies.

Although things are unclear about the situation with Yul’s first wife May Edochie, newcomer Judy has successfully adapted to the role May left behind.

However, the cracks started to appear recently when Yul posted clips of Judy engrossed on her phone as she tried to “discuss” something serious with her.

On Monday, Yul hinted at the problems he’s been having with his new wife to the public when he posted a clip on his Facebook page.

He said: “I don’t understand why I can’t talk to Judy and she will listen to me. I’m getting tired of all this. I found this video that she made and I had to post it.”

The video showed Judy busy on her phone while he tried to make a serious conversation.

That was the beginning of what is now perceived as a spite-filled union.

cracks in the wall

While the Edochies aren’t necessarily bringing down the roof, their tension is palpable.

Since Yul’s initial post accusing Judy of not listening to him, he’s gone from topic to topic.

Judy, who has a son for the actor, retaliated by posting another video on her page.

In the clip, the couple were shouting who had the right to post which video.

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She captioned, “Since Yul Edochie decided to embarrass me by posting a video I made on my phone without my consent, I will surprise him. Now it’s at stake.”

The actor then responded by making a video of himself expressing his thoughts about her actions and threatening to take drastic action.

“I’ll do something drastic. I’m trying so hard to control myself. I will do something drastic if I take the action that is getting into my head. You are bothering me, believe me,” she said in the 12-minute video.

Another clip shows the actor preventing his second wife from leaving her car, to the point of grabbing the keys out of her hand.


But it was not always like this. While some believe the couple is bound to have problems, since Judy is perceived as a third wheel in what was once considered a happy home, others believe they are faking it.

Until now, Yul and Judy gave the impression that they lived together in peace, harmony and love.

Other videos on their page, which has 2.7 million followers, show the couple loving each other.

Before the shouting match, they referred to each other by their pet names. While Judy calls her husband Isi Mmili, which means Deep Water, he calls her Ijele Odogwu, which loosely translates to Great Masquerade.

A video of the couple, posted on June 1, shows them together in a car, chatting, singing and laughing at each other’s jokes.

The clip was captioned, “Goofing around with ‘Ijele Odogwu’. Judy Austin. Yul Edochie”.

Another video posted on May 26 shows the couple having a praise and worship session.

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conflict money

For all their antics, many believe the couple is acting.

Critics say they are modeling their Facebook page after the popular MC and comedian Yanbaba.

Yanbaba and his wife also call themselves Aisha and Odogwu.

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From being a couple in love, Aisha and Odogwu once switched partners.

During their conflict period, they trended their page for days.

Similarly, Yul’s page has been trending all week. In particular, the videos on the page are monetized, which means that Facebook places ads on them, and the income for the page administrator pays between $8.75 and $10 per 1000 views.

As of Friday afternoon, the four videos of Yul and Judy arguing have garnered approximately 144,000 cumulative views.


In the last year, Yul has been in the news for one reason or another.

What started out as a rumored romance suddenly took on a life of its own when it was revealed that Judy bore the actor a son.

Consequently, Yul’s wife of 19 years moved out of their home. She later declared that she would not be manipulated into forgiving.

In March, his first child with his first wife passed away. The tragic event occurred weeks after he turned 16.

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Yul Edochie, Judy Austin smiling at bench as Nigerians mourn Facebook posts

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