Yul Edochie plays Peter Obi in new movie


The famous actor Yul Edochie played the role of Peter Obi, the Labor Party candidate, in a two-part film on YouTube.

There are just three weeks to go until Nigeria’s presidential election, which will be held on February 25.

Titled ‘Peter Obi’, the film is produced by Rockcelly TV, a Nollywood film production team.

Anaele Dominic, CEO of Rockcelly TV, says the film, the two parts of which were released 24 hours apart, comes at a critical time as Nigeria prepares for elections.

“It is up to us as citizens to make our contributions. As a filmmaker, I used cinema as a tool to create my impact on our beloved country by releasing this kind of never-before-seen film,” he noted.

changing narratives

Mr. Dominic noted that in addition to changing the narrative, the film aims to decide the future of Nigeria, bringing to our awareness what and who we need as a leader to run the affairs of this great country.

“I am very proud of this great project that I did not only for myself or for you, but also for future generations. I urge you and everyone to watch on YouTube to know that a new Nigeria is possible.

“As a filmmaker, most of the time we entertain, market and educate with our works, but this is by legacy, so that my lineage can be proud of me and also show the good qualities of my director, His Exc. Pedro Obi de la Labor Party,” he wrote.

peter obi the movie

Written by Dominic, the film also stars Ify Eze, Chioma Ifemeludike, Demian Edward, Ifeanyi Azodo, Marvelous Ekuma, and many others.

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From the trailer, one would think the film is a parody, but within minutes of watching it, this newspaper noted that it was an attempt to whitewash Mr. Obi’s personality.

Yul’s attempt to imitate the deep voice of the LP candidate failed and has earned the actor much criticism on social media.

Some are also wondering why he was chosen to play the character.

The film portrays the Labor Party candidate as a miser who would rather spend money giving food to the underprivileged than enjoy an evening of good food.

Due to his non-conformist lifestyle, he is constantly at odds with his family, friends, members of society, and even his wife.

As told in the film, despite all this, he sticks to his ways and sticks to the facts, using his campaign slogan, “go and check.”

It also captures her simplistic lifestyle reflected in the way she dresses and the small bag she always carries with her.

Presidential election

The 2023 presidential election is said to be one of the most closely contested in Nigerian political history.

Other major contenders for the highest seat in the country include the Bola Tinubu All Progressives Congress (APC), the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) Atiku Abubakar, and Rabiu Kwankwaso of the New Nigeria People’s Party (NNPP).

Although he started out with a slim support base, Mr Obi of the Labor Party has been able to build his following to the point where he has been drawing international attention.

Among his campaign messages is the slogan “A new Nigeria is possible”, inspired by the initials of his name.

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Yul Edochie plays Peter Obi in new movie

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