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We have moved all templates to this collection page. It includes All Resume and Cover Letter Templates, Business Plan Templates, Invoice Templates and More...

Tuesday, May 28, 2024

Actress Ovularia from ‘New Masquerade’ has passed away

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Elizabeth Evoeme, fondly remembered as Ovularia from the 80s TV sitcom, ‘The New Masquerade,’ has died.

She was 81.


According to Vanguard, the actress died in Port Harcourt, surrounded by her family, marking the end of an era.

The actress was the onscreen wife of Chief Zebrudaya Okoroigwe Nwogbo alias 4.30 in the rested 1980s sitcom.

‘The New Masquerade’ holds a cherished place in Nigerian entertainment history, captivating audiences on television screens throughout the 1980s and mid-1990s.


Ovularia played the character in the sitcom as a confident wife who never hesitates to challenge her husband, creating tension and friction within the household.

Elizabeth Evoeme, fondly remembered as Ovularia

The late James Iroha, who starred as the Giringori Akabogu in the series, wrote the screenplay.

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Her family also confirmed her death in a statement on Tuesday.

It read: “Friends, fans, colleagues, the family of the legendary actress, Elizabeth Lizzy ‘Ovularia’ Evoeme, would like to notify the public, all those who loved her and her work in ‘The new Masquerade,’ of her passing.

“Elizabeth ‘Ovularia’ Evoeme will be dearly missed and was extremely loved by her family and also by you, her fans.

“We thank you all for your support and for respecting our privacy at this time. God bless you all, and may our dear Elizabeth ‘Ovularia’ Evoeme rest in perfect peace, now and always,” the statement read.

Justina Evoeme, her daughter, also confirmed Ovularia’s passing, expressing it as “painful and shocking.” She stated, “I need to get my head around what has happened.”

Previous death rumours

In 2019, she was rumoured dead.

Ovularia dismissed these rumours, asserting that those responsible for spreading them deserved punishment.

She clarified, “There was never a time I was so sick that it got to the paper or the media. I was never so ill that I needed prayer, and I made it public.

“My sickness is just the sickness of elderly people, such as arthritis, hypertension, and that’s it.” When pressed on the source of the rumours, she lamented, “I wish I knew. I wish someone could answer the question for me. Those behind the rumour deserve punishment.”

Ovularia’s career thrived from 1982 to 1993, preceding the rise of Nollywood.

Born on 1 December 1942 in Calabar, Cross River State, she hailed from a family associated with maritime endeavours.

In a curious revelation, she admitted to never fully comprehending the significance behind her stage name, “Ovularia.”

The actress starred in the 1993 Nollywood movie, ‘Circle of Doom’.

Following her retreat from the television spotlight, she maintained a relatively subdued presence, occasionally grappling with unfounded rumours of her demise.

In March 2017, Veronica Njoku, popular for her role as Ramota in ‘The New Masquerade,’ passed away. The late Njoku played the role of Chief Jegede’s (played by Claude Eke) wife and a close ally of Ovularia.


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