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Sunday, April 14, 2024

Bobrisky emerges as ‘Best Dressed Female’ at movie premiere, sparking reactions (PHOTOS)

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The emergence of the popular crossdresser Idris Olarenwaju, known as Bobrisky, as the ‘Best Dressed Female’ at the Beasts of Two Worlds movie premiere held on Sunday at Circle Mall, Lekki, Lagos State, has sparked reactions among Nigerians.

The movie’s producer, Eniola Ajao, awarded ‘Best Dressed Female’ and ‘Best Dressed Male’ to two attendees with the most impressive fashion choices.


Bobrisky, who identifies as a female, clinched the ‘Best Dressed Female’ and was awarded N1 million, while ex-BBNaija housemate Groovy emerged as the ‘Best Dressed Male’ with N1 million.

Bobrisky, who donned an all-black outfit with a cape and a staff, beat the likes of Toyin Abraham, Mercy Aigbe, Iyabo Ojo, and female celebrities to the coveted prize.

When Bobrisky was awarded the ‘Best Dressed Female’, netizens questioned the rationale behind his win, primarily since he was not assigned female at birth.


Actress Dayo Amusan, who attended the premiere, walked out after Bobrisky was named the winner.

In a video on her Instagram page on Monday, the actress condemned the award.

She expressed disappointment in the judges who picked Bobrisky, which she considered disrespectful to the women who attended the event.

“I attended the premiere of a colleague yesterday, where they announced that the Best Dressers would be chosen—one female and one male. Let me clarify: the winner could be anyone, but certainly not a crossdresser. I mean, what’s the issue here? I don’t understand it.


“I can’t fathom the judges disrespecting every woman present. You had to select a winner, both a female and male, best-dressed, and yet you undermine the effort of all the women, thereby awarding the best-dressed female title to a crossdresser. I don’t understand; what’s wrong with us?” she said.

She suggested that if there is a need to honour a crossdresser, a separate category should be created for them instead of disrespecting women.

More criticisms

Expressing shock at Bobrisky’s emergence, actress Toyin Abraham questioned the event organiser’s decision.

Abraham, in a video that captured her, Bobrisky, and others at the event, expressed shock that the crossdresser beat all female celebrities and guests to emerge as the winner.

She said, “Bobrisky as the best-dressed female? If I give you an uppercut! Are you all insane that Bobrisky is winning Best Female? Are you crazy? Well, you better share some of that money with me.”

Similarly, controversial singer Portable condemned Bobrisky’s win.

The 30-year-old singer argued that awarding Bobrisky, a male, meant that the judges were promoting homosexuality.

He stated, “Is Bobrisky a woman? Doesn’t he wear an artificial bum and breasts? There were beautiful actresses at the event, but the judges deemed them unworthy, yet a male was awarded ‘Best Dressed Female’.”

The Ogun-born singer criticised the judges for awarding Bobrisky, believing it had set a destructive precedent.

He expressed concern that children exposed to such attitudes might emulate the path of cross-dressing.

“Our children will now imitate Bobrisky, a man who does not possess feminine features, simply because the judges honoured him with an award. Those who should be in prison or punished for disobeying religious commandments and the country’s laws are being celebrated,” Portable noted.

The ‘Zazzu Zeh’ crooner labelled the judges who deemed Bobrisky worthy as a crazy set of people.

He warned Bobrisky not to come to Sango-Ota, Ogun State, dressed in female attire because he would be dealt with.

Netizens’ criticisms

Furthermore, social media influencer Daniel Regha stated that Bobrisky winning the ‘Best Dressed Female’ award insulted every female attendee at the premiere.

Dayo Amusa is right, Bobrisky winning the “Best Dressed Female” at an event is an !nsult to every female attendee present; But the organisers aren’t the only ones at fault, blame those who joyfully or playfully acknowledged him after being blatantly d!srespected.

— Daniel Regha (@DanielRegha) March 25, 2024

Regha said the organisers were not the only ones at fault; those who joyfully or playfully acknowledged his win should also be blamed.

An X user, Oluwabunmi Micheal (@Harwolyehmi1), criticised actors Femi Adebayo and Odunlade Adekola for being at an event where Bobrisky won such an award.

He argued that presenting Bobrisky with such an award implies that Nigeria has lost its values.

Another X user, Sir Dickson (@Wizarad10), supported actress Dayo’s anger, stating that it was valid.

Her anger is valid. It is a slap to every woman present. It is detrimental to the overreaching effect on society.

A man should not be winning best dressed female for any reason.

— Sir Dickson (@Wizarab10) March 25, 2024

He emphasised that awarding Bobrisky with such an award was detrimental and sent a negative message to society, especially to the women at the event.

“A man should not be winning best-dressed female for any reason,” he added.


Bobrisky announced earlier this month that he had acquired a vagina.

The crossdresser shared on his Instagram page that his transition journey into womanhood went smoothly without any health issues.

He requested Nigerians to address him as a woman, mentioning that he underwent breast surgery after removing his manhood.

“I want to express my gratitude to all my doctors, both at home and abroad. You all have done an amazing job with my body,” said Bobrisky.

The crossdresser also criticised those who questioned his gender.

Àjà kájù (Beasts of Two Worlds)

Àjà kájù (Beasts of Two Worlds) is actress Eniola Ajao’s debut movie.

Àjà kájù starred notable actors and actresses like Sola Sobowale, Bimbo Akintola, Odunlade Adekola, Ibrahim Chatta, Adedimeji Lateef, Femi Adebayo, Faithia Balogun, Mercy Aigbe, Eniola Ajao, Peju Ogunmola, Yinka Quadri and many others.

The movie tells the story of a powerful lady named Àjà kájù, who possesses both human and animal qualities. In the narrative, she wanders the forest at night, causing havoc for hunters by killing and maiming some of them. She also destroys crops, weakening the town’s economy.

During the movie, King Towobola ventures into the forest to confront her. After an epic battle, they agree to marry, hoping that Ajakaju.

As expected, Ajakaju gives birth to a son but throws the boy, who represents the hope for the king’s lineage, into the fire. This action sets off a series of twists and turns, making the movie entertaining, daring, and suspense-filled.

Beasts of Two Worlds 
Beasts of Two Worlds 
Beasts of Two Worlds 


Beasts of Two Worlds



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