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Monday, July 15, 2024

Emotional film that culminates in a heartbreaking ending.

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Movie Title: The Weight of Loyalty

Duration: 1 hour 54 minutes

Director: Kalu Anya

Cast: Kanayo O. Kanayo, Miwa Olorun Femi, Ichie Fuego, Miriam Ogbonna, Kester Nsaka and Obinna Okafor.

It is not uncommon for two female friends to develop feelings for the same man. This situation usually leads to at least one of the friends making the difficult decision to let the man go and look for love elsewhere, which can be heartbreaking.

The difficult decision of choosing between a man and a friendship can be challenging but not impossible. The movie “The Weight of Loyalty” vividly demonstrates this dilemma.

This timeless dilemma lies at the heart of Weight of Loyalty, a film that unflinchingly explores the complexities of human relationships and love.

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In The Weight of Loyalty, Oscar is torn between his past and his present, trapped in a love triangle that tests the bonds of friendship and loyalty. As the story unfolds, two friends, Kylee and Maya, struggle to reconcile their deep connection with their growing affection for Oscar.

The film vividly portrays the delicate balance between love and friendship, drawing viewers on an emotional journey that challenges the characters to face their true desires.


The film begins with Kylee entering a bar, where she accidentally bumps into Oscar and spills a drink on his clothes on a Monday morning. Distraught, Kylee runs out of the bar and drives to her best friend Maya’s nearby house to have her clothes cleaned.

On Valentine’s Day, while Maya and Kylee are playing, they see a couple walking by. Maya reflects on her failed marriage to her ex-husband, whom she admits she still loves.

Coincidentally, Kylee runs into Oscar again at the same bar. He offers to pick up the tab and they start talking. Despite Kylee’s lack of experience in relationships, she informs Maya that she will meet up with Oscar again.

Divorcee Maya encourages Kylee to give love a chance, but Kylee flatly refuses. Their discussion about relationships escalates into a fight, causing Maya to storm out of Kylee’s apartment in a huff.

Shortly after Maya leaves, Oscar calls Kylee to ask her out on a date. Amidst Kylee’s frustrations over the pressure of her father’s relationship, she reluctantly joins him in the car.

Kylee’s father starts a conversation about Chuka, whom he introduced to his daughter as a possible husband. However, Kylee doesn’t like Chuka because she drinks and works as a delivery boy.

Under relentless pressure from her father, Kylee reluctantly agrees to go on a date with Oscar. During the date, they begin to get to know each other. Afterwards, Kylee seeks reconciliation with Maya.

Just when Kylee, a hairdresser, thinks her father has stopped pressuring her about men, she wakes up the next day to find him at her door, harping on the same issue. Frustrated, she finally asks him to leave.

Maya, who has been supportive, advises Kylee to accept Oscar’s proposal to protect herself from her father’s pressure, which causes a rift between them.

Kylee’s father blames Maya for her single status. He believes that Maya, being divorced from her, negatively influences Kylee and warns her to stay away from her daughter. Despite her father’s interference, Kylee continues dating Oscar and confides in him about her business problems. After a date with Oscar, she receives information from her father about Chuka’s plan to sell the plaza where she has his store.

Oscar secretly buys the place and introduces Kylee to new clients to increase his clientele. Chuka, furious at losing the spot, confronts Kylee and tries to attack her, but Oscar intervenes and reveals that he now owns her.

After the confrontation with Chuka, Kylee introduces Oscar to Maya and finds out that they are not happy. Despite Oscar’s lingering feelings for Maya, Kylee talks to her and Maya advises her to leave Oscar. However, Kylee insists on staying with him.

Oscar finally confesses his past to Kylee without mentioning Maya, leading to a tense conversation. Kylee later discovers that Oscar and Maya were once married, causing further tension in their relationship.

As tensions rise, Kylee’s father seeks to reconcile with her and meet Oscar. Meanwhile, Oscar and Maya discuss their lingering emotions and contemplate reconciliation.

Kylee catches Oscar and Maya talking about their feelings. They admit their love, which breaks Kylee’s heart. Her father advises her to move on, and she eventually forgives Oscar and Maya.

Maya and Oscar reunite and have a son, whom Kylee adopts as her own.

Character analysis

The film combines a stellar cast including Kanayo O. Kanayo, Miwa Olorunfemi, Ichie Fuego, Miriam Ogbonna, Kester Nsaka and Obinna Okafor. Each actor shines in their roles and delivers performances that bring the story to life.

Miriam Ogbonna’s portrayal of Kylee, a dedicated Nigerian woman who prioritizes her career over love, is stunning. Her nuanced performance beautifully captures Kylee’s internal struggle, bringing depth to the character and elevating the film.

One of the film’s standout moments is Kylee’s emotional turmoil as she contemplates a relationship with Oscar, played by Ichie Fuego. Miriam’s expressive facial reactions and perfect comedic timing, primarily through her accent and use of vocabulary, add layers of humor and charm, making her performance unforgettable.

Miwa Olorunfemi’s performance of Maya adds another layer of richness to the film. As Kylee’s best friend, Maya is determined to see her experience her love. The constant encouragement and pressure she receives from Kylee’s father leads Kylee to accept Oscar’s proposal, only for things to fall apart when the truth about Oscar’s past comes to light.

Oscar’s performance of Fuego injects a captivating energy into the film. As Oscar, a young man torn between his current relationship and a past love, he keeps viewers on the edge of their seats, eager to see his next move.

Defying societal expectations that dictate that a man must move on after a divorce, Oscar remains tangled in his feelings, unable to let go. He embodies the ideal companion, with qualities that make him irresistible to any woman.

Nsaka’s portrayal of Chuka is both meaningful and compelling. Chuka, a rich and filthy man determined to marry Kylee, resorts to underhanded tactics and even takes over her store to win her over. However, Oscar’s intervention thwarts his plans, leading to a dramatic confrontation that ends with Chuka’s defeat.

Kanayo plays Kylee’s father, a typical Nigerian patriarch who pressures his daughter into marriage for money and status. In a refreshing change from his usual brutish roles, Kanayo gives a nuanced performance. He intends to befriend Oscar, but his hopes are dashed when he learns of Oscar’s past with Maya.

movie analysis

The film Burden of Loyalty keeps viewers glued to their screens. It is a rollercoaster of emotions that culminates in a heartbreaking ending. The cinematography is remarkable, capturing every moment with expertly crafted camera angles, movements, and lighting.

This film delves into the reality that many friends face when they are caught up in the complexities of love. It offers a simple yet profound message, combining emotional depth with a powerful narrative that makes it truly memorable.

The soundtrack amplifies the painful emotions of the film, enhancing the overall impact. Posted on Kanayo’s YouTube page, the music perfectly complements the heartwarming moments of the story.

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In a relatable twist, Kylee, like many who have been single for a while, fails to thoroughly investigate Oscar’s past relationship, which ultimately leads to heartbreak.

The film explores various aspects of love and loyalty, but needs an opportunity to use flashbacks to illuminate Oscar and Maya’s previous marriage.

One notable glitch occurs when Kylee and Maya inexplicably leave their house to play a game outside the complex in a residential setting, which seems out of place.

A genuinely great film remains in the minds of its audience, generating reflection and discussion long after the credits roll. However, ‘Weight of Loyalty’ leaves viewers with a feeling of incompleteness and its conclusion seems rushed and ambiguous.

The story also doesn’t reveal whether Kylee finds love again after stepping aside to allow Maya and Oscar to reunite.



Weight of Loyalty is now streaming on YouTube:

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