Federal Fire Service Debunks Secret Recruitment Rumors


* Give reasons why housing estates should establish fire stations.

Comptroller General of the Federal Fire Service (FFS), Abdulganiyu Jaji, has debunked rumors that secret recruitment or replacement of personnel is taking place in the service saying it is not true as the agency has yet to it must obtain the exemption and the capital votes to enable it to do so.

The Comptroller General made this known while answering questions from journalists in Abuja during a media briefing marking his 100th day in office.

He said the FFS doesn’t just make the decision to hire new staff without permission from the federal government, which is the waiver.

Jaji explained that capital votes, the money generally approved for training new recruits, can only be released once the go-ahead is given for a new recruit to take place.

He said: “The recruitment and replacements have not been carried out for certain reasons and one of the reasons is that we need to establish an exemption without which we cannot do any recruitment and we have not obtained it yet.

“At the same time, we need to get what’s called a capital vote which is the money you’re going to use to train recruits, we need to set all of those up until replacement or recruiting can’t get off the ground and we haven’t. anything concerning that now.”

He said that from now on, the federal government will make it a priority to bring firefighting to the bases by establishing more fire stations.

“As I speak to you now, we are expecting another 24 state-of-the-art firefighting equipment and will gradually expand to every state, including Senate districts.

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“In my own term, I want to make sure that we put more emphasis on establishing fire stations, especially now that we have high-rise buildings to come, especially in Abuja.

“To this end, we are collaborating with the Nigerian Air Force regarding firefighting and have come to a final statistic. there are some areas where we have our role to play and others where they have their own role to play,” he said.

Jaji also asks developers to build fire stations on their property, saying doing so will improve the response time of fire emergency services and reduce loss of life and property.

According to him, “many times people build structures without resorting to fire safety and that is why

By establishing the fire safety code and the law that is embedded in the code, a developer is required to know that from the initial stage of any building, they must seek the consent and approval of the fire service.

As the building progresses, the fire service will be part of the construction team to make sure the fire safety features that are supposed to be in that building are met.”

The FF chief also said that the agency is associated with the Turkish military in the area of ​​nuclear, radiological, biological and chemical firefighting, a specialized aspect of firefighting, therefore a large amount of equipment is needed. , as well as training and recycling of personnel. a reality in Nigeria.

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