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Sunday, April 14, 2024

Five Places to Avoid Visiting Today If You Are Single

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Valentine’s Day fills the air with love today, yet not everyone feels its embrace, especially you flying solo.

For singles like you, Valentine’s Day is a stark reminder of your solo status, but fear not. In this article, PREMIUM TIMES offers a survival guide to navigate the five treacherous zones dominated by romance.


Whether you’re a seasoned singleton or new to the solo scene, these tips will keep your spirits high and your heart unscathed on this day of love.

Join this newspaper on this adventure as we explore the five places you should avoid if you’re flying solo this Valentine’s Day.


Finding love is never too late, but going to the cinema on Valentine’s Day isn’t a good idea. It might make you feel sad and cry out of your eyes.


Yes! It will make you cry a lot because, on Valentine’s Day, many couples go to the cinema with displays of affection, which can make you feel even lonelier.

But you (single) might not need to worry much about it or start asking, ‘God, why me; what did I do?’ if you avoid cinema.

As a single folk, you should avoid the cinema because there are so many couples, and the movies are all about love, which might make you feel worse.

Today, cinema movies are usually all about love, which might not be great for you as a single person. They might feel uncomfortable or sad watching them because they are without a lover.


You know that saying, “If you didn’t come with a date, you won’t leave with one”? Well, if you decided to go to the cinema today, you might end up just feeling sad or going home with tears as your babe: after all, you didn’t come with a babe but left with one (tear).

So, as a single person, you won’t want to cry. Doing something else to avoid feeling sad is better than going to the cinema. Try doing things where there are only a few couples around.

Let the single people stick to watching movies on their laptops, phones, or TVs instead. That way, you won’t have to see couples being lovey-dovey, making you feel bad.

Social Media

I understand that someone other than me may have provided the money you used to purchase data, but to avoid spending your hard-earned cash on tears, single people, refrain from visiting social media today.

I know it’s tough, but rest assured, you won’t suffer, cry, or succumb to depression.

On Valentine’s Day, you (singles) should steer clear of social media to safeguard your emotional well-being.

Seeing posts overflowing with couples’ romantic gestures and declarations of love can intensify feelings of loneliness and inadequacy.

It’s tempting to compare your situation to the seemingly flawless relationships showcased online, but this can breed discontentment and sadness.

Social media algorithms amplify Valentine’s Day content, inundating users with holiday reminders.

Therefore, taking a break from social media can offer a much-needed reprieve from the day’s pressures and expectations, allowing you to prioritise self-care and activities that bring joy.

Consider scrolling through pictures on your phone or laptop or playing games instead.


It’s Valentine’s Day, and you should dine out. But there are better ideas than going solo to restaurants today.

Eateries will be crowded today, making it hard to have a peaceful meal. Also, they will be filled with couples celebrating their love, which might make you feel lonely.

The romantic atmosphere in eateries will be intensified today with dim lighting, soft music, and unique decorations, which could make singles feel even more alone.

You might not have seen special deals for singles, but many eateries will offer it for couples today— it could make you feel left out or uncomfortable.

You probably wouldn’t want to feel excluded or uncomfortable, so cooking and eating at home is better. Remember, it’s never too late to find love but enjoy your own company at home for now.

Supermarket or big shop

Hey! single folks, let me clarify. I’m not saying you can’t afford it. That’s not what I mean. We’re in the same boat, but seeing more romantic stuff and couples shopping together might make you feel lonelier.

Plus, all those promotions and deals for couples could make you feel left out if you’re single.

You might feel even more left out or not good enough if you go to the supermarket today and see couples being all lovey-dovey or picking out gifts for each other.

Also, the supermarket might be packed with couples getting ready for romantic dinners or outings, making you feel surrounded by romance.

As singles, you might feel pressured to fit in with what Valentine’s Day is “supposed” to be, which could lead to buying things impulsively or feeling like you’re not enough without a partner.

I know you don’t want to feel sad this Valentine’s Day like maybe you have in the past because you’re single or when you’ve gone to the supermarket, but after reading this, you won’t feel that way again.

Trust me, I’m here to tell you that nothing terrible will happen if you wait until tomorrow to go to the supermarket.


The places nearby might be tempting, but there are better places for single people. If you go, you might not find love but something even more invaluable (tears) that could last for a long time.

Today, these places create a romantic atmosphere on Valentine’s Day, which can make you feel lonelier.

You might feel lonely or left out because these places are usually filled with couples doing romantic things on Valentine’s Day.

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AI tools

Being around couples might make you feel uncomfortable or like you don’t belong if you’re single.

Seeing couples celebrating this day might make you feel pressured to find a partner, which can cause unnecessary stress or feelings of not being good enough.

If you’re worried about feeling sad or crying, it’s best to wait until tomorrow to go to these places. By then, it might be quieter, and you might even find love.


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