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Saturday, April 13, 2024

Joseph Aloba, the late singer’s father, shares why he wears Mohbad’s clothes

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Mohbad’s dad, Joseph Aloba, is in the news again. This time around he has revealed that he wears his late son’s outfits amid criticisms.

Mr Aloba revealed this in an interview with a TikToker, Kachi Wire on Friday.


Defending his decision, Mr Aloba, who is a gospel singer said: “Mohbad is my son, and I can wear his clothes. We both wear the exact size of clothes. He is my son; I can wear his clothes. Anybody who has a son and cannot share clothes with him that means that person doesn’t love his son.

“I recall the day of his engagement ceremony to Wunmi. He bought me a shoe, and he said, ‘Daddy, this is what you are going to wear,’ I said, ‘This shoe is bigger than me’. I didn’t want this kind of a bogus shoe, but he said, ‘Daddy, this is precisely what I want you to do. So, he tried to blend me in; he is my son and friend.

He also claimed that since his son’s demise, he hasn’t coveted his (Mohbad’s) belongings or outfits.


“But since he died, I never went to his house to pick anything; what he gave me when he was alive is still what I am maintaining. Anyone who doesn’t like that I am wearing my late son’s clothes can say whatever they like.

My only focus right now is to get justice for my late son,” Mr Aloba noted.

Mohbad’s death on 12 September 2023, has been shrouded in mystery and numerous controversies.

Mr Aloba and wife of the late singer, Wunmi Aloba, have been at the centre of several contentious issues.


Mohbad’s wife, Wunmi Aloba, has faced mounting pressure regarding the paternity of her son, Liam.

Calls for a DNA test to know Liam’s true paternity have been made by Mohbad’s father and other concerned Nigerians.

While Wunmi had previously indicated her openness to a DNA test, insisting it should be conducted in Nigeria and abroad, she recently voiced her distress on Instagram. In a series of posts, she claimed that she and Liam were facing threats.

“Nigerians, Liam and I are at your mercy! Will you allow what happened to IleriOluwa (Mohbad) to happen to us? They are threatening us daily; they have taken our freedom from us! Nigerians, help us,” she wrote.

Wunmi also questioned the motives behind Mohbad’s father’s insistence on a DNA test, claiming that he pressured her and Mohbad into having a child.

She said: “I never wanted to have a baby at that time, but Baba told Mohbad and me that the Holy Spirit instructed him to ask for a grandson who would buy the coffin that would bury him.

“I discovered I was pregnant on the 5th of August that same year, and my father-in-law was ecstatic over the news of my pregnancy. Why is he now trying to defame the treasure his son left behind?” she queried.

Despite her reservations, Wunmi stated her willingness to carry out the DNA test and urged her father-in-law to obtain a court order.

But speaking further with the TikTok influencer, Mohbad’s father said he has obtained a court order, insisting that his grandson, Liam, must take a paternity test before Mohbad’s body can be reburied.

He stressed that the DNA test results are crucial and cannot be overlooked.

Responding to the ongoing pressure for Mohbad’s widow to undergo the DNA test, Aloba stated, “It is a must for her to do it because that is exactly what is delaying Mohbad’s burial.”

Mr Aloba said, “The result of the autopsy is required because we cannot just exhume the body and bury him again without the DNA result.

“I have obtained the necessary court order to proceed with the DNA test. We cannot postpone this matter any longer; it will be conducted now.”

Mr Aloba also questioned the authenticity of his late son’s will, claiming it was doctored.

However, in January, Mohbad’s management debunked this claim, insisting that the late singer had no will and slammed a N200 million suit against Mr Aloba.

Adding another layer to the controversy, Mohbad’s mother, Abosede Olumiyi, in a viral audio on 7 February, alleged that Mr Aloba isn’t the late singer’s biological father.

She gave Aloba and his lawyer a three-day request to conduct a DNA test to confirm Mohbad’s paternity, further complicating the already tense situation.

The public, especially Nigerians on social media, have expressed mixed reactions to Aloba’s actions.

While some question his choices and find them distasteful, others sympathise with his grief and support his quest for justice.

The controversy has sparked heated debates online, with hashtags such as #JusticeForMohbad and #AlobaWearsMohbad trending on Twitter.

Yet, Mr Aloba remains undeterred by the criticisms and is focused on getting justice for his late son.

As the controversies continue to unfold and the public awaits the outcome of the DNA test and the ongoing police investigation, the story of Mohbad’s life and untimely death continues to captivate and divide public opinion.


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