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We have moved all templates to this collection page. It includes All Resume and Cover Letter Templates, Business Plan Templates, Invoice Templates and More...

Thursday, May 23, 2024

Nollywood comeback for veteran actress Liz Benson

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Veteran actress Elizabeth Benson-Ameye, best known as Liz Benson, returns to Nollywood after several years of hiatus.

The seasoned actress, who has been away from the spotlight since featuring in ‘Still Falling‘, is back to her first love.


Liz is starring in “A Mother’s Son,” produced by Mercy Johnson and directed by Vincent De Anointed.

The movie boasts a star-studded cast, including Mike Godson, Mercy Johnson, Evia Simon, Ozioma Maurice, and George Inaibeh.


In a behind-the-scenes video posted by Mercy Johnson, the cast couldn’t contain their excitement as they welcomed the veteran actress, who has been absent from the screen for some time.

Surprised at the warm welcome, Liz said, “ “All the big people in Nollywood are here. You guys are doing exploits; God bless you. It’s nice to see all of you in real life. I am meeting all of you for the first time. But I have come to see my daughter (Mercy Johnson).”

Liz’s return has sparked excitement among fans and the Nollywood industry.

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The 58-year-old actress was known as one of the actresses who steadily rose in the Nollywood industry in the 1990s.

The Akwa Ibom State-born actress started her career as a child actress in 1971 at age five, but gained fame after being featured as Mrs Agnes Johnson on a television soap opera titled ‘Fortunes’ on NTA in 1993 when she was 27.

She also appeared in some classic movies in the 1990s. Some of the movies that stood her out include Glamour Girls (1994), True Confession (1995), Diamond Rings (1998), and Scores to Settle (1998).

In 1996, while she dominated the movie scenes, she dumped acting for reasons based on her faith.

By 2006, Liz was then 40 years old and ordained an evangelist.

Around the same period, the actress also made her big comeback into Nollywood, even better than she left it.

In 2009, she married Great Emeya, a Bishop, at the Rainbow Christian Assembly, Warri, Delta State, which was her second marriage, having lost her first husband, Samuel Gabriel Etim, to death.

Since her second marriage, she has been very picky about the movies she appears in and the roles she plays due to her status as a minister.

She has acted in award-winning films such as Dry (2015), Child Not Bride (2016), and Living Funeral (2013), which capture societal cruelties and misconceptions.

Other movies, such as Still Falling (2021), Mummy Dearest (2017), and Children of Mud (2017) speak about Forgiveness, love, trust, and hope, among many other morals.


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