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We have moved all templates to this collection page. It includes All Resume and Cover Letter Templates, Business Plan Templates, Invoice Templates and More...

Saturday, July 20, 2024

Police to investigate officer caught opening car door for Abuja pastor

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The Nigerian Police Force has initiated an inquiry into a video capturing an officer opening the car door for an Abuja-based pastor and gospel singer, Enoch Courage.

The move comes after a viral video stirred controversy, prompting varied reactions on social media.

The spokesperson for the Nigeria Police Force, Olumuyiwa Adejobi, acknowledged the public concern and stated that they would thoroughly investigate the incident.

The footage surfaced weeks ago, saw a police officer assisting Mr Courage by opening the car door, sparking a debate on the appropriateness of such actions.

The video garnered widespread attention, with many expressing their views on social media.

Enoch Courage

Critics argued that the officer’s gesture seemed to compromise the image of the Nigerian Police, while others questioned the rationale behind such preferential treatment.

Addressing the issue, Mr Adejobi sought to identify the person in question before making official comments.

Reacting to the video on his official X account, the police spokesperson said, “Who is this person? I need to know before any comment. Some individuals are entitled to that by position, rank, or social status. So who is the person? You can help with this information. Thank you.”

He emphasised the importance of knowing the individual’s identity, suggesting that certain privileges might be linked to the person’s position, rank, or social status.

In a twist to the story, a social media user later revealed the person’s identity in the viral video as Mr Courage, an Abuja-based gospel singer and pastor. This revelation led to further scrutiny of the incident.

In response to the identification, Mr Adejobi criticised the police officer’s actions, attributing it to a lack of self-esteem, dignity, and professionalism within the force. He expressed his commitment to investigating the matter thoroughly and taking appropriate action to address the concerns raised by the public.

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He said, “If this is the man, it’s wrong for a policeman to open the door for him. The police lack self-esteem, dignity and professionalism. I will find out and do what is needed.”

Interestingly, this incident is reminiscent of a similar incident in May 2023 when the police investigated an officer for a comparable act involving Nigerian singer Spyro.

Who is Pastor Courage?

Pastor Courage, the focal point of the recent controversy, is renowned on social media for his impactful gospel chants, sermons, and music.

The Abuja-based young preacher has gained popularity through his active presence online and has been featured in various church programs alongside well-known gospel artists such as Gift Christopher (aka GUC), Chris Morgan, and Kaestrings.

Mr Courage is a gospel musician and an acclaimed youth revival preacher, having ministered alongside Isaac Oyedepo at numerous university campuses across Nigeria.

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