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We have moved all templates to this collection page. It includes All Resume and Cover Letter Templates, Business Plan Templates, Invoice Templates and More...

Sunday, June 23, 2024

The center trains 100 journalists in full career in Abuja

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One group, Liberty Center for Education, has held a two-day workshop for 100 mid-career journalists from across Nigeria.


The training, held from May 17 to 18, was attended virtually and physically, with the in-person session taking place in Abuja.

Liberty Center, a pro-liberty think tank, advocates for individual liberty, limited government, and free market principles.

The workshop, with the theme “Promoting a Free and Prosperous Society through Pro-Freedom Reporting,” aimed to equip journalists with reporting skills in ways that promote peace, freedom and limited government.


During the workshop, several topics were covered, including storytelling for journalistic purposes, freedom principles and values, ethical considerations in pro-freedom reporting, the art of pro-freedom reporting, and group presentations.

Additionally, the organization announced three sponsored fellowship spots for journalists who focus on pro-freedom reporting.

Eric Mobu, program manager, encouraged participants to take advantage of the knowledge acquired during the training.

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He highlighted the importance of using knowledge to promote a more peaceful and free society.

Several participants expressed their gratitude to the Center for the training.

ACNN Television journalist Nwanne Ogechukwu found the sessions on ethical considerations particularly insightful and said she feels more prepared to address sensitive issues in her reporting.

“I learned that I must take into account the language I use, always be honest and respect people’s dignity when I write,” she said.

Another participant, Onyenkachi Anumata, an online blogger, highlighted the practical aspects of the workshop, saying that the storytelling exercises were interesting and gave him new techniques to apply in his work.

He said: “An enriching aspect of the program was the opportunity to network with like-minded people during networking sessions, passionate about journalism and freedom. The scholarship has deeply impacted my perspective on many topics. “It has expanded my understanding and allowed me to see things from new angles while maintaining neutrality in my thoughts and judgments.”

“I sincerely thank the Liberty Center for Education and Atlas Network for sponsoring and organizing such a transformative event. The knowledge and connections gained through this scholarship will undoubtedly influence my future endeavors in the media landscape,” he added.

How the interns will emerge

Mobu said reporters selected for the fellowship would receive training from experts in pro-freedom journalism from around the world.

He also announced a six-month fellowship program in which three people would be selected to receive grants to pursue stories from mid-July to mid-December.

The Center’s director of operations, Sanni Johnson, expressed his gratitude for the cooperation of the participants.

He urged them to remain committed to the knowledge gained through the scholarship and to remain committed to the organization.

Executive Director Abdullah Tijani expressed his satisfaction with the training, noting that it was highly qualified and represented the organization’s third cohort.

He highlighted that this workshop was the first time that the organization would introduce reporting grants for journalists.

He added that 20 journalists will be selected for the scholarship, and of them, three journalists with the best proposals will receive grants.


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