20 things to learn from Neymar’s Netflix documentary ‘The Perfect Chaos’



On January 25 2022, the documentary series about the life of the PSG Star was made available on Netflix Brasil.

20 things to learn from Neymar's Netflix documentary 'The Perfect Chaos'
Neymar Jr of Paris Saint-Germain reacts during the Ligue 1 match between Paris Saint-Germain and Stade Reims at Parc des Princes on May 16, 2021 in Paris, France. (Photo by Aurelien Meunier – PSG/PSG via Getty Images)

20 things to learn from Neymar’s Netflix documentary ‘The Perfect Chaos’: It was a much needed feature-length for fans of the 29-year-old Brazilian superstar to get behind the scenes on his life and struggles following the release of the highly anticipated docu-series of Paris St. Germain star, Neymar Jr. Dos Santos’ life on and off the football pitch. The docu-series focused on Neymar Jr. Dos Santos’ life on and off the football pitch.

The LeBron James produced series took us on an exciting journey through his life and football, and the following are 20 things that we picked up from the experience:

1. You may be underestimating how much money Neymar Jr. has

Aside from his staggering net worth of $200 Million, which is according to WealthyGorilla.com, Neymar could be worth more than that. This is especially true when taking into consideration his massive sponsorship and endorsement deals with brands such as Nike in the past and now Puma currently alongside Unilever and a host of other global brands, not to mention his enormous wages at the French club, Paris Saint-Germain.

2. Kobe Bryant is one of the most influential figures in his life

Kobe Bryant is one of Neymar’s favorite athletes, and he is a big fan of him. Neymar follows the basketball great Kobe Bryant on Instagram in a significant way. When Kobe Bryant, the Late Basketball Icon, passed away in 2020, it had a significantly greater impact on Neymar than it would have on most people.

In point of fact, he paid tribute to the Lakers legend Kobe Bryant by wearing Bryant’s iconic number 24 jersey from the very beginning of the documentary series all the way through the majority of it as well. They had worked together on a shoot for Nike in the past, and while Neymar was growing up, he frequently watched Lakers games because Kobe Bryant played for the team.

3. Neymar is one the most hated players amongst PSG fans

Without a shadow of a doubt, Neymar is without a doubt the player at PSG who is reviled the most by the locals of Paris. Neymar’s personality and lifestyle, in addition to his play in important matches for PSG, have been major factors in the rifts that have developed between him and the fans from 2018 through 2020.

20 things to learn from Neymar's Netflix documentary 'The Perfect Chaos'
Paris Saint-Germain’s Brazilian forward Neymar poses as he arrives at his birthday party in Paris on February 4, 2019. (Photo by Thomas SAMSON / AFP) (Photo by THOMAS SAMSON/AFP via Getty Images)

4. He came from a poor background

As he continues to explain in the documentary, Neymar was born and raised in the slums of Sao Paolo, Brazil, and came from a financially disadvantaged family. He has been quoted as saying, “we left the slums but the slums never left us.”

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5. Santos is one of the cities in the world that is responsible for producing some of the most famous football players

Neymar became famous in the city of Santos when he was only 8 years old and later signed for the club, Santos Fc in Brazil. Santos Fc is home to some of the biggest stars in world football today, including Brazilian Legends Pele and Zito, as well as Robinho, Edu, and Neymar himself. Robinho, Edu, and Neymar have all played for Santos Fc.

6. When Real Madrid first approached him, he declined their offer

When Neymar was just 14 years old, Spanish powerhouses Real Madrid made an offer to sign him, but he turned them down because he decided he wasn’t ready to move abroad just yet.

7. 2010 was his break out year with Santos

Neymar was named the best player of the 2010 Campeonato Paulista after scoring 14 goals in 19 games and ultimately winning the title of best player in the tournament. This victory came in the year 2010.

8. He was Brazil’s poster boy for years

When Neymar was playing for Santos at the time, he was racking up the most endorsements in Brazil and appearing on nearly every household television screen in commercials and promotions.

9. Neymar knows he’s hot-headed actually

In 2010, when he was still a teenager and playing for Santos, he vented his frustrations on the field by cursing at the team’s captain and also cursing at his coach. He also did this while airing his frustrations on the field. In the end, he would express regret for his behavior not only to the head coach but also to the players and fans of Santos.

10. NR sports in São Paulo is a company set up by Neymar’s family in to manage him

There are currently over 250 people working for the company across various departments, including branding, management, and media offices. Because the company is responsible for managing its image and career, NR sports is involved in every decision regarding career and image. Neymar Sr. and Nadine, who are Neymar Jr.’s mother and father, respectively, run the business together as co-CEOs.

11. He is very into eSports

Neymar is an avid fan of a wide variety of video games, including first-person shooters such as Call of Duty and mission games such as Grand Theft Auto. He once decided against attending the Ballon d’Or ceremony in order to spend more time streaming video games online.

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12. Neymar does not care what other people think of him

In the course of the series, Neymar made it abundantly clear that he does not pay attention to other people’s opinions regarding his personality, appearance, or party lifestyle. He believes that he is an honest and straightforward person, and he would lead his life in whatever manner he chooses rather than in accordance with how other people think he should.

20 things to learn from Neymar's Netflix documentary 'The Perfect Chaos'
Neymar attends Diesel ‘Spirit of the Brave’ Perfume Launch Party at Salle Wagram on May 21, 2019 in Paris, France.

13. Neymar has a massive following on all of the major social media platforms

Neymar has over 169 million followers on Instagram by itself, 88 million on Facebook, and over 55 million on Twitter at the present time, bringing his total number of followers across all of his social media platforms to over 200 million.

14. His loved ones have never stopped having faith in him

Neymar’s family has never stopped supporting him and believing in him, despite the challenges he has faced dealing with the scandals that have been reported in the media and on social media. His father, Neymar Sr., in particular, has always been by his side, assisting him significantly professionally and assisting him in protecting his image. He has never left his son’s side.

15. He made the initial announcement that he would become a father when he was 19 years old.

Neymar made the initial announcement that he was going to become a father when he was 19 years old and still playing for Santos FC. David Lucca DaSilva Santos is the name of his son, and Carolina Nogueira Dantas is the name of his son’s mother. Neymar and Carolina are also not married to each other. Lucca is the only child he has at this time, and his Instagram account has more than 1.2 million followers.

16. The Remontada that took place in the Champions League in 2017

Neymar’s decision to leave Barcelona was influenced by the Remontada that took place in Camp Nou. Despite the fact that Neymar was the driving force behind the comeback against PSG in 2017, it was his Barcelona teammate Lionel Messi’s photos that were plastered all over the tabloids as the face of the remontada, despite the fact that Messi was primarily responsible for it.

17. Neither Messi nor Suarez supported his decision to leave Barcelona at any point in time.

Luis Suarez was never content with his departure at the time, and he shared with him how he felt about it not only as a teammate but also as a friend. Neymar didn’t exactly explain to Lionel Messi why he decided to leave Barcelona for Paris Saint-Germain, either.

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20 things to learn from Neymar's Netflix documentary 'The Perfect Chaos'
Neymar (R) of Brazil greets Lionel Messi of Argentina during a match between Brazil and Argentina as part of 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia Qualifier at Mineirao stadium on November 10, 2016 in Belo Horizonte, Brazil. (Photo by Buda Mendes/Getty Images)

18. Emerging from the shadow of Lionel Messi

According to Neymar Sr., his son’s transfer to PSG had nothing to do with stepping out from under Messi’s shadow. Neymar Jr. also claims that his son never wanted to be better than Messi because he loves Messi. He accepted the challenge, which is why he made the decision to switch when PSG Chairman Nasser El Khelaifi called him. Neymar just saw his move to PSG as wanting a new challenge with the main goal of helping the French league reach a higher level.

19. The majority of Neymar’s most serious injuries that he sustained on the field occurred outside of the area designated as the 18-yard box.

The majority of Neymar’s peak years were overshadowed by his terrible injury history, and the vast majority of the time when he was fouled, it was typically done outside of the 18-yard box as a result of his playmaking style, excessive dribbling, and dropping deep into the defensive third. In addition, Neymar had struggled with a back injury throughout his entire career as a player.

20. Neymar wanted to leave Paris Saint-Germain in 2019 after having fallen out of love with the French giants because he realized that he would be happier somewhere else after having a torrid 2018 and realizing that he would be happier elsewhere.

Neymar was unable to leave PSG because the Emir and Prince of Qatar refused to sell him for any price, regardless of how much it would have been. To help fund a move back to Barcelona, Neymar was even considering taking 20 million Euros out of his own pocket.

And despite the fact that Barcelona’s enormous offer to bring Neymar back from PSG was even bigger than what PSG paid to acquire him in the first place, the Paris club owners responded with a resounding “No” to the potential trade.

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20 things to learn from Neymar's Netflix documentary 'The Perfect Chaos'

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