We have moved all templates to this collection page. It includes All Resume and Cover Letter Templates, Business Plan Templates, Invoice Templates and More...


We have moved all templates to this collection page. It includes All Resume and Cover Letter Templates, Business Plan Templates, Invoice Templates and More...

Sunday, April 14, 2024

7 Bridal Shower Games in Nigeria You Need To Try

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Bridal shower games in Nigeria turned out to be more famous a couple of years prior and we need to concede, that women in our nation are exceptionally keen on making their wedding party more extravagant. Obviously, such games is the central thing that makes these gatherings really intriguing.

To all cherished brides to-be, checkout truly cool 7 common bridal shower party games and 6 additional Ideas you need to try this will be all fund 


The bridal shower party is a custom which became famous during the 1980s in the USA and Canada. It is a party, where bride to-be acknowledges gifts from her visitors, and they play games, have fun and generally have a good time.

A bridal shower party is a party just for young ladies, so men are ordinarily not permitted on such functions. Yet, sometimes, this standard could be broken, so it’s dependent upon the bride to-be to choose, who can attend her party.

The central thing concerning this party is that it ought to be truly fun. Regularly, bridal shower party arranging is upon the bridesmaid: she has all the responsibility to make sure the party is not boring and everyone in attendance has fun. In this way, to assist a bride-to-be to have a wonderful party, our next 7 wedding party games would be very valuable for you.


Here are 7 Common Bridal Shower Games in Nigeria

7 fun Bridal shower games in Nigeria
Spice up your bridal shower with these Nigerian-inspired games. Perfect for every bride-to-be!

1. How well do you know your partner?

This game is basic. Prior to the party, ask the husband to be a few inquiries and get the answers also from him, then, at that point, at the shower, pose to the bride-to-be similar inquiries and let her show, how well she knows her husband. You can make this game more amusing by requesting that the lady put gum or candy in her mouth after each wrong response.

2. Fancy dress

The bride will remain aside, gather the guests into a few groups and allow them to pick, who might be their fake bride. From that point forward, each gathering needs to attempt to put forth a valiant effort and make the most beautiful dress, utilizing just tissue. The actual bride would be the judge to choose, which of the group did the best.

3. Gift Bingo

You need to print cards with different guests names. While the bride is opening up her gifts, you must have the option to figure the individual who gave the gift just by checking out it, assuming you have a right estimate and you’re able to match the gift to the individual that gave it, bingo, you’ve won!

4. Wedding scramble

Another word game on our rundown. We believe that everybody realizes the scramble rules, so there is no compelling reason to clarify them. The main thing we need to add, that you need to attempt to pick the right words for this one. The more interesting the responses are, the more interesting this game is. Along these lines, you need to put effort and be certain that the responses wouldn’t be obvious or exhausting.


5. Two truths and a lie

This game is about interesting details in private life of your visitors and bride too. Every one at the shower needs to lie about themselves, and the others need to pick, which one of this was false. As we probably are aware, there are heaps of insane things occur in our lives, and this reality makes this game considerably more entertaining.

6. Wrong word

This game is about the focus on your dialogue. The maid of honor needs to give a mystery word to every guest and the lady of the hour. Also, the maid of honor needs to provide everybody with some sort of pins. Assuming that somebody says the mystery word, the individual, who hears it, can take the pin of this player. The player with the greatest measure of pins turns into the victor. You can likewise put a prize on this game.

7. Ribbons talks

This game is likewise fascinating, and you can variate the guidelines. All you really want is a ribbon ball and scissors. Request that every visitor cut themselves a piece of strip. Try not to let them know the amount they need to cut, and ensure, that they adequately cut. After this, request that they recount to amusing tales about themselves, until the cut piece is completely wrapped around their finger. Likewise, you can request that the visitors say pledges to the bride until the piece of strip is completely wrapped.

Here are additional 6 Ideas For Bridal Shower Games in Nigeria

1. Traditional “Gele” Tying Race for Bridal Shower Games in Nigeria

Kicking off the festivities with a twist, organize a Gele tying race. Gele is a traditional Nigerian headwrap, and having a competition to see who can tie it the fastest can be both entertaining and culturally immersive. This game not only brings laughter but also showcases the rich cultural heritage of Nigeria.

2. Aso Ebi Memory Challenge

Celebrate Nigerian fashion with an Aso Ebi memory challenge. Create flashcards featuring different Aso Ebi styles and colors, and have the guests match them correctly. This game not only tests memory but also highlights the vibrant and diverse traditional attire worn during special occasions in Nigeria.

3. Nollywood Movie Charades

Bring the glamour of Nollywood to your bridal shower with a Nollywood Movie Charades game. Compile a list of popular Nollywood movies and have guests act out scenes without speaking while others guess the movie. It’s a fantastic way to incorporate Nigerian cinema into the celebration.

4. Yoruba Proverb Puzzles

Challenge your guests’ wit with Yoruba proverb puzzles. Create a list of famous Yoruba proverbs and ask guests to decipher their meanings. This game adds an intellectual and cultural touch to the event, promoting engagement and laughter.

5. Afrobeat Musical Chairs

No celebration in Nigeria is complete without the rhythmic beats of Afrobeat music. Arrange a game of musical chairs with a playlist featuring iconic Afrobeat tunes. The last person standing when the music stops is out, making this a lively and energetic addition to your bridal shower.

6. Igbo “Uli” Artistic Expression

For a more artistic and cultural activity, set up an “Uli” painting station. Uli is a traditional Igbo art form involving intricate patterns and designs. Provide guests with paint and canvases, allowing them to express their creativity while embracing the beauty of Nigerian art.

That’s all the interesting games we have for your ideal wedding party gathering. Remember, that you can change the principles in each game or even make your own. The principle objective is bliss, and the manners in which you arrive at it very well may be unique.


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