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We have moved all templates to this collection page. It includes All Resume and Cover Letter Templates, Business Plan Templates, Invoice Templates and More...

Saturday, April 13, 2024

Celebrities Liz Anjorin and Iyabo Ojo Take Legal Action Against Cyberbullying

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The online feud between Nollywood actresses Iyabo Ojo and Liz Anjorin has taken a new turn, with Ojo initiating legal proceedings against her fellow actress over what she perceives as cyberbullying and defamation of character.

On 29 November 2023, PREMIUM TIMES reported that Iyabo threatened to sue Liz over defamatory statements, among other things.


In recent months, the two actresses have engaged in an online spat, utilising their online platforms to air their grievances.

Most recently, Liz accused Iyabo of setting her up at Idumota market, Lagos, where she alleged to have stolen gold and fraudulent transactions for clothing materials.

She further claimed that Iyabo was the proprietor of the popular Gistlover blog, which she alleges she (Iyabo) has been using to disseminate false information about her.


Posting a video from the court premises on her Instagram page, Iyabo and her female attorney revealed that the actress (Liz) failed to appear for the scheduled court hearing.

Iyabo also said the case had been adjourned until 10 April for a hearing, adding that she would deliver another notice to her colleague, which she plans to post on her wall to remind herself of the hearing date.

She wrote: “April 10th is around the corner. The court will be serving you once again, Liz, and this time, and the court has given the order for it to be pasted everywhere on your wall if you don’t accept it—this court se, we must go, and you must bring all your evidence by force by fire.”

‘‘We’re here to get justice’’

In the video, Iyabo’s lawyer stated that she is in court to seek justice for her client and to halt the cyberbullying directed by Liz toward her client.


Also, Iyabo expressed her satisfaction that the court proceedings had commenced despite the defendant’s and her lawyer’s absence.

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As the plaintiff, Iyabo expressed confidence that Liz would present her evidence in court following the issuance of another order.

She further expressed her hope that Ms Anjorin could substantiate her claims of ownership of Gistlover and other defamatory statements made against her before the court.

Lizzy Anjorin reacts

Reacting to the court case initiated by her colleague on her Instagram page, Liz inquired if any lawyers among her followers could serve as her legal representative.

She further noted that Iyabo had appeared in court to solicit donations, and she requested evidence to substantiate this claim.

She wrote: “Are there any lawyers in the house? Sepeteri Gistlover is looking for donations..tell her to produce evidence’’.


The online dispute between the actresses started when Liz accused certain celebrities of exploiting Mohbad’s death for attention.

Though she didn’t directly name Iyabo, her social media posts insinuated allegations against a character named ‘Sepeteri,’ which is widely believed to be a pseudonym for Iyabo.

She alleged that Iyabo engaged in promiscuous behaviour, including alleged involvement in a threesome with her daughter.

In response to these accusations, Iyabo said that Liz targeted her in an Instagram video, challenging her to mention her name directly.

Iyabo also claimed Liz still owes her money for participating in a previous film production.

She demanded that Liz publicly retract all defamatory statements in four national newspapers, issue an unconditional apology on her verified social media accounts for 14 consecutive days, and pay N500 million in damages.


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