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We have moved all templates to this collection page. It includes All Resume and Cover Letter Templates, Business Plan Templates, Invoice Templates and More...

Tuesday, May 28, 2024

Eben introduces new artist Meme Rise in the Gospel music scene

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Gospel singer Emmanuel Benjamin, popularly known as Eben, introduced a new artiste, Meme Rise, at the Radisson Blu in Lagos on Monday.

The event was part of a press conference organized by Hammer House Records in partnership with SG Musik Record.


Meme Rise, whose real name is Meme Umukoro, was presented to the public by Hammer House Records CEO Eben and a representative from SG Musik Record.

This collaboration signifies SG Musik’s first signing of an artiste, as confirmed by their representative, Andrew Moses.

He stressed the label’s dedication to discovering and nurturing raw talents.


The main attraction of the event was the exclusive preview of Meme Rise’s upcoming single “Wonderful Wonders,” featuring gospel star Eben.

Prior to this collaboration, Meme Rise had already made a mark in the music industry with several successful tracks released under SG Musik.

Eben, the singer of “Victory,” highlighted the importance of signing Meme Rise, describing it as a new way to experience God in this generation.

He mentioned Meme Rise’s background as a dedicated Christian who had served in her church choir for 12 years, showcasing the label’s admiration for her journey and commitment to serving.


Why Meme Rise?

Eben stated, “Signing Meme represents a new phase in experiencing God in this generation.

“Hammer House Records decided to collaborate with her due to her track record as a Christian who has served faithfully in her local church choir.”

The faith-based artist clarified the role of Hammer House Records in the partnership, portraying them as a collaborative partner in publishing her music and brand. He explained, “My role here is to provide visibility and support to the brand and label.”

When asked about his decision to sign Meme Rise, Eben mentioned that her journey and commitment to service were inspiring to him.

“Her story resonated with me. I perceived her as someone who served in the church… This is what essence is all about, and if I have to sing reggae to be part of this journey, I am willing. It’s destiny; life is not a coincidence.

Eben and Meme Rise on red carpet

“When you listen to her story, she spent 12 years serving in her church choir. Often, we see people who just want to serve. They don’t want to go beyond their room to reach the world. She is someone who has been tried and tested,” he noted.

About Meme Rise

Meme Rise was born in April 1980 in Edo State. She attended Ebenezer Primary School and Dibia Secondary School in Edo State before pursuing a degree in economics, statistics, and education at the University of Benin, graduating in 2003. She got married to Umokoro in 2005, and they have five children together.

Her music career began with the release of her debut album, “Ogheneworu,” in 2007, which received a warm reception in Edo State and beyond.

She followed this success with hit singles like “God by Yourself,” “Praise the Lord,” and “I am the Redeemed of the Lord.”

Aside from her music, Meme Rise is also a budding fashion designer and has served as a worship leader at Voice of Freedom Ministries in Benin City.

Meme Rise expressed her enthusiasm and readiness to make the record label proud with her music.

She shared, “It’s my time to shine in the industry. God’s love is the inspiration behind my music. I have witnessed God’s miracles in various ways.”

Meme Rise addressing the media on her journey and challenges

Despite venturing into a new path, Meme Rise stated that she remains committed to her local church.

Crediting her husband for his instrumental role in her music career, Meme Rise said, “I am not leaving the choir, and everything I do is in service to God.”

Explaining the origin of her stage name, she said, “It came as a revelation when God told me I would rise. After my first album, I changed my name to ‘Meme Rise’.”

Furthermore, she outlined her goal as a musician to “show everyone that ‘Jesus is Real’ and to encourage those who feel lost, depressed, or astray, especially the youth.”

Addressing any concerns about the business aspect of the collaboration, Eben assured the press that everything was well-organized and legally supported.

He mentioned, “We have a contract that delineates everyone’s roles and positions. It has been properly laid out, sealed, and signed by a reputable law firm. There are no emotions or sentiments involved.”



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