Ekweremadu assigns PDPs to transparent primaries

Former Senate Vice President Ike Ekweremadu said the Peoples’ Democratic Party (PDP) could run in the 2023 general election “like one big family” by ensuring a free, fair and transparent primary for all elective positions.
He also stated that a free and fair process would ensure the party comes out of the 2023 general election stronger and more vibrant.Ekweremadu, a gubernatorial hopeful on the Enugu state party platform, spoke yesterday through his Ikeoha Campaign Organisation.

He urged the party to treat all its members who are running for various elective positions equally. The director general of his campaign organization, Charles Ogbo Asogwa, who addressed the media in Enugu about the outcome of last weekend’s district congresses, alleged that there had been a resurgence of bullying and violence and called for the state government and party leadership involved.

Asogwa said: “Clearly, the attacks were part of the failed attempts by people, who decided to play against the rule, to sink the actual legitimate process. Because they were not prepared for any congress; because they confiscated the results sheets; because they were more interested in presenting a prepared list.”

they attacked our supporters, who came out en masse to do the right thing according to the PDP constitution and guidelines.

“Therefore, we believe that much of these acts of violence could have been prevented if the state party leadership and the panel sent by the PDP to oversee the process ensured transparency and due compliance with the constitution and PDP guidelines. Had all those interested in serving as delegates and their sponsors and supporters been instructed to go to the field, there probably would have been no need to try to harass or intimidate the party faithful who filled the designated places to do the right thing. .”

The campaign organization, which called on security agencies to uncover and prosecute perpetrators of violence in the state, also urged party members to continue to commit to democracy to ensure sustained peace in the state.

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