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Tuesday, June 25, 2024

Highlights from Veekee James’ Lavish 1930s Valentino Shoe and N12m Outfits Wedding

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The four-day wedding extravaganza of the famous Nigerian luxury designer Veekee James and her husband, Femi Atere, has caused quite a stir on social media.

On Saturday, Veekee and Mr Atere exchanged vows in Lagos State.


The star-studded wedding has been closely followed by fans and fashion enthusiasts, with every detail documented on social media.

From the extravagant bridal shower to the stunning pre-wedding photoshoots, court register, and traditional weddings, Veekee has been serving fashion moments one after the other.

The white wedding has continued to break the internet, with many Nigerians expressing their admiration for the couple’s love and style.


As expected, Veekee’s white wedding dress was nothing short of spectacular. Being a renowned fashion designer, Veekee crafted her wedding gown with fabrics sourced from Istanbul, Turkey.

The bride made a stunning entrance down the aisle, accompanied by her brother, wearing a custom Veekee white high-neck, full-lace, long-sleeved wedding dress with flowing details at the back.

However, it wasn’t just the fashion that caught people’s attention. Veekee’s white wedding has caused a social media storm for various reasons.

In this article, PREMIUM TIMES will be sharing some of the highlights of the celebrity fashion designer’s wedding and how it had kept Nigerians glued to the media all weekend long.


The wedding

One of the main talking points was the significant amount of money spent on the wedding, which was evident in the luxurious displays.

Some fashion enthusiasts have estimated the amount spent on her various wedding outfits to be nothing less than N50 million.

The chosen theme for the special ceremony was vintage, and the reception venue was beautifully decorated to match this theme.

The attention to detail was evident in the stunning decor, which included chandeliers, white flowers, crystals hanging from the ceiling, gold plates and cutlery, crystal centrepieces on each table, and even a white grand piano adorned with white roses.

The reception venue was decorated with a series of vintage pieces, including beautiful chandeliers, white flowers and crystals hanging from the ceiling, gold plates and cutleries set on the tables, crystal centrepieces on each table, sweetheart chairs made with beautiful brocade-looking materials and more.

A beautiful white grand piano was also spotted in a corner with a plush cushioned chair. The musical instrument was also decorated with white roses.

Another highlight of the wedding ceremony was when the couple exchanged their vows calmly and affectionately. Pastor Bolaji Idowu from the Harvesters International Christian Centre officiated the ceremony.

The couple also could not hide their excitement as they shared their first affectionate kiss as a married couple.

The Worship sessions

The talks on Veekee’s wedding weren’t all about the luxury alone; another part of the wedding that has since become a trend on social media was when the bride led a special invitation to 200 Lagos singers from the Lagos City Choir in a heartfelt rendition of her own released song “Olugbeja.”

The performance turned the wedding into a soulful concert, as the groom and the 200 singers went on their knees in worship.

Pretty Mike’s entrance

However, amidst the extravagance of the wedding, controversy arose with a video of famous socialite Pretty Mike making a grand entrance accompanied by a group of all-black human mannequins holding red umbrellas.

This dramatic entrance sparked heated discussions online, with some criticising the bride for inviting Pretty Mike, especially considering her previous involvement in worship activities with the City choir.

The presence of Pretty Mike at a Christian-themed wedding raised eyebrows and led to debates about the appropriateness of such guests.


From the moment she introduced herself to the grand reception, Veekee James captivated everyone with her impeccable fashion choices.

The fashion designer switched things up for her court wedding, showcasing two looks that combined suits and dresses. Her first look featured a chic suit paired with a dress, while her second look wowed in a fabulous blue suit dress that exuded sophistication and style.

Completing her ensemble was an exaggerated tulle veil, adding an ethereal touch to her overall look. She was truly breathtaking in this attire. Not to be outdone, her husband looked equally dashing in his custom ATAFO tuxedo.

He accessorised with Ray-Ban sunglasses, a Fossil watch, and brown oxfords from Adams Kahz, perfectly complementing his bride’s attire.

During the reception, Veekee made a quick outfit change, dazzling everyone again with another exquisite dress.

This time, she opted for a white silky gown that paid homage to the 90s, featuring an oversized bow adorning the back.

The dress boasted pleated sleeves adorned with pearls, making a bold statement while seamlessly blending with the overall aesthetic.

The trumpet gown gracefully cascaded into voluminous skirting, beginning at mid-thigh. However, the train truly elevated the look to sheer perfection, paired with her epic veil to create an astonishing effect.

Her husband complemented her ensemble with a classic black tuxedo, waistcoat, crisp white shirt, black bow tie, and polished black shoes. The couple looked like a match made in fashion heaven.

Not one to shy away from extravagance, Veekee made yet another stunning wardrobe change for her after-party.

Veekee’s fashion choices throughout her wedding celebrations were nothing short of extraordinary, and her outfits left a lasting impression on all who witnessed her special day and those who, of course, participated on social media.

As the social media storm surrounding Veekee James’ white wedding continues, it is clear that this event will be remembered as a milestone in Nigerian fashion.


According to a popular fashion blog, @234star, on Instagram, the renowned celebrity stylist spared no expense regarding her fashion choices for her outfits.

During her introduction ceremony, Veekee made a fashion statement with her Simkhai Bridget metal shell clutch, with a price tag of N475,100. To complement her outfit, she opted for a pair of Versace women’s white embellished medusa slingback shoes, which set her back $997 (N1,440,665).

For her second look, she decided to splurge on a pair of Mach & Mach triple heart high heels, costing $1,078 (N1,557,710). Additionally, she adorned her feet with Amina Abdul Jillil bow pump shoes, valued at $578 (N835,210). To complete the ensemble, she wore an exquisite Amuna Muaddi Begum Glass Sling Navy PVC shoe, priced at £990 (N1,430,550).

During her civil wedding, she opted for a luxurious Valentino Garavani shoe worth a staggering $1,930 (N2,788,850).

And for her traditional wedding, she rocked a pair of Jimmy Choo women’s ‘saeda’ purple pointed and closed-toe sandals adorned with rhinestones, which cost $1,267 (N1,830,815).

To complement her footwear, she carried a Jimmy Choo logo plaque metallic bucket, priced at $1,165 (N1,683,425).

About Veekee James and Femi Atere

Veekee, an acclaimed Nigerian fashion designer from Akwa Ibom state, has made a name for herself in the industry.

Born and raised in Ajegunle, her passion for fashion started at a young age when she began knitting and selling clothes in a local community.

Inspired by her mother, a tailor, Veekee learned the art of sewing and developed a natural talent for fashion. She didn’t limit herself to just one skill, as she also worked as a hairdresser, makeup artist, and anything else she could learn.

With her entrepreneurial spirit and creative drive, Veekee James has become a sought-after designer in Nigeria. Her clientele includes notable personalities and celebrities such as gospel singer Mercy Chinwo and actress Osas Ighodaro.

On the other hand, her husband, Mr Atere, is a Nigerian businessman and senior corporate analyst. He is a graduate of Covenant University.

According to his LinkedIn profile, Mr Atere completed his Bachelor of Science (BSc) in Policy and Strategic Services at Covenant University in 2012.


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