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Sunday, June 23, 2024

How Dunamis’ testimony transformed my life – Vera Anyim

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Vera Anyim, the Dunamis Church parishioner who went viral on April 14 when Pastor Paul Enenche questioned her academic achievements while sharing her testimony, will be in our faces for a long time as she does not give up her determination to remain a ‘ “celebrity” in the true sense of the word.

An overnight celebrity, Anyim’s life has transformed dramatically since he made headlines, but not without unexpected twists and challenges, marking his path to prominence.


In an exclusive interview with PREMIUM TIMES, Ms. Anyim, who is related to Pius Anyim, former President of the Nigerian Senate, spoke about her initial reaction to the situation and how she deals with fame.


PT: Can you describe your initial reaction when you realized you had become an overnight viral sensation?


Vera: I didn’t expect it nor did I know what was happening. That day was my birthday. I didn’t know what was happening because I came home after that church service to celebrate my birthday. After my birthday when I came back from my birthday, my friends started calling me and that’s when I knew what was happening.

Just on Monday I found out that my name was going viral. The first day this happened I was not happy, but as a child of God, I did not need to hurt myself; I had to restrain myself.

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PT: Is it true that you should have graduated from college four years earlier?


Vera: Between 2019 and 2024, there was a time while I was at university when I felt very bad. It took me about four years, so I couldn’t graduate with my friends.

I became seriously ill in my right leg. I was at my 500 level and wanted to write my project. I was supposed to graduate in 2019.

In 2018, I was supposed to finish my project and take featured courses. In 2019 I got sick. I had intense pain in my legs and arthritis that had been with me for months. After that period, he returned in 2021 and I was hooked; It always came at the end of the year. I was supposed to graduate in November and some of my seniors were trying too.

PT: Was the ‘B.Sc. in right ‘an error on his part?

Vera: What they (the university) told me is that they have a B.Sc. in law. As I said before, arthritis delayed my graduation, but my supervisor was happy to see me graduate. Actually, the topic of my project was “Peacekeeping in the Nigerian Police Force”.

Mrs. Anyim.

PT: How did it feel to be suddenly recognized by people? Did you expect this reaction when you shared your testimony?

Vera: I didn’t expect such an answer. At first I felt bad; I regretted having shared the testimony; I felt embarrassed; I’m a shy person; I felt so bad; and as a person I was not happy, but I tried to control myself. There were other testimonies I was supposed to share, but I was shut down and had to return to my seat. People online fully saw what happened the next day. I didn’t get excited, but I was always encouraged by the word of God and I clung to God at that time.

My close friend said she would never go up the aisle if she were in my place. Some will say they will go and kill themselves; Some will say they will never go to church again, but that was not the case for me.

I didn’t cancel my birthday; I was so excited I stopped thinking about it.

PT: Have you always wanted to be a celebrity?

Vera: I didn’t always want to be a celebrity. I’m just the type that likes to interact with people, take pictures, make them laugh with gifts and be happy. But I was excited and excited when this fame came. I have been congratulated by some in my office, church, and community, and everywhere I go I am easily recognized. People beg me, some send me messages asking for help and some say they don’t have money to pay school fees. It’s not that they want to give me a gift; They want me to give them something.

PT: How has your approach to social media changed since you became famous?

Vera: Yes, there have been changes. I interact primarily with Facebook, but I’m worried about people cloning my online personality; about 37 of them are faking my name and photo, and that’s not okay for my commitment. I only have two accounts. But for now I’m not using social media as much to avoid doing something stupid.

PT: What were some of the most memorable social media interactions with your fans?

Vera: Some prayed that I could reach higher on my journey. I see those sincere prayers, I see encouragement, I read them and my heart rejoices.

PT: How do you handle both positive and negative comments?

Vera: Regarding negative feedback and hate speech, the truth is that there is no human being on earth who does not have enemies, and there is no human being who does not have lovers. But I always understand that there are more people who like me than those who hate me. I see those comments, some insults and I say all kinds of things.

Some have even called to threaten. I delete or block them. I don’t need to answer; It is better not to meditate on these negative comments. I don’t have time for bad energy.

PT: How has this journey from obscurity to fame changed you?

Vera: The changes I have experienced are because I have become famous. When I walk, people recognize me easily. The situation has made me go viral and I have met certain people that I never expected to meet.

Like the man who invited me to Port Harcourt, it was my first meeting with the CEO of Telephony and it was a pleasure to meet them.

PT: How do you feel about how the public perceives you now, before fame? Are there any misconceptions you would like to address?

Vera: I’m not who you think I am. I am not bad and I have no bad intentions towards Nigerians.

PT: Your testimony generated some controversy in the Dunamis Church. How did you cope with the public scrutiny and criticism that followed? What lessons did you learn from that experience?

Vera: I have learned many lessons. When things happen around you, the people you think would be helping you will be the ones speaking against you. Whenever things happen, I always focus on God. The devil wanted to bring shame to my name, but he turned away, for the love of God. I didn’t think about the negativity.

Vera Anyim and Pastor Eneche and his wife after they reconciled

PT: How have your fans and the public responded to your request for help with accommodation? How did you handle the reaction and misunderstandings?

Vera: People said various things, but some said they would support me. Not everyone will support you when you shout. The negative commenters have nothing to offer, but I only pay attention to the positive comments.

PT: You have expressed your plans to meet with Davido and Sabino. What is the motivation behind this desire?

Vera: I never said I wanted to meet Davido; Bloggers mentioned that. I haven’t even considered meeting Davido or Sabino; It wasn’t on my page and it’s not me. The bloggers are the ones who pushed those statements, but when the time comes, I will speak out against those acts.

PT: What are your long-term goals now that you have a growing platform and audience? How do you plan to leverage your fame for future opportunities?

Vera: If it were up to me, I would do it. I would like to monetize my page.

PT: You have expressed concern about your safety and the need for better accommodation.

Vera: Regarding the security call and concerns, I have not yet received support from Nigerians and I have not received any threats.

PT: Are there any upcoming projects or collaborations that you are excited about that you can share with us?

Vera: My project is to help homeless children and women. I had intended to do this from day one. I have fought and suffered to succeed in life, and if I see someone else in that state, I would like to lend a hand.

For those who cannot pay their school fees, the less privileged, I would like to one day help those categories and give hope to the desperate.

That has been my priority. I want to impact homeless children and women. No one helped me get to where I am today, from primary school to this level. Even when he had a family to support, no one did. That’s why I would use my strength on this project. So, my mother would have difficulty buying books and paying school fees; no one helped us. Many of my family members right now are surviving through me.

Right now I am the José of my family.

PT: Why do you describe yourself as the José of your family?

Vera: We usually plant Okro on my side, but my father is late. He would go farming very hard. When we pluck the cassava and rice, we sell them and with the profits we buy books. I sold peanuts, fried them, tied them to nylon and then sold them to get N1 and N2 to pay for my studies. I used to sell Moi Moi and peanuts and walk a lot to sell it to people.

PT: Where do you see yourself in the next five years? What are your aspirations, both personally and professionally?

Vera: I think my story will change in the next five years. Then I would proceed to do other things, but I would also like to fulfill my ministerial task.

PT: Can you share an aspect of your life or personality that you think is often misunderstood or overlooked by the public?

Vera: Many people don’t know that I am a pastor and people don’t know that I am in the ministry. I have been pastoring for five years; Many of my pastor friends know this. I have been doing ministry outside of the Dunamis church, although I have been there for two years. There are people that God has led me to pray for in my ministry journey and they have gotten results. That is my mandate.

Vera Anyim

PT: We’ve read reports that you have a son. How true is that? Is married?

Vera: Regarding speculation about my marital status, to be honest, I don’t have a child and I’m single, so I know people are lining up. If I had a child, I would be proud of that child.

PT: What advice would you give to those who aspire to become celebrities?

Vera: Have a heart of forgiveness, no matter what has happened. As you continue your journey to fame, also prioritize your love for others. Always be patient. Whatever happens in life, always be patient. Hold on to God and you will never be wrong about the status you desire. But when you make mistakes, be prepared to correct them.

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PT: What are the most important things to consider on this journey?

Vera: Do not follow the ways of the people of the world. I don’t want to analyze the clubbing life or how people are womanizers. Clubbing isn’t that important compared to helping the underprivileged. Focus on the things of God.

PT: What message do you have for your fans who have supported you during your journey? How do you plan to give back to the community that has supported you?

Vera: I want to thank my followers for supporting me. I also pray that God protects you in times of trouble. I want to promise you that I will not fail and that you will be proud and happy. My community’s contribution is to help the less privileged.

Mrs. Anyim


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