Miraculously, This Company Turns Carbon Dioxide Into Stone


carbon dioxide or CO2 in large quantities in the air is a threat to the Earth so many solutions are trying to be put forward to counteract climate change. Well, this Swiss company has magical technology.

Climeworks announced they had successfully removed carbon dioxide from the air and placed it in the ground, where it would eventually turn to stone. The process has been verified by an independent third party auditor.

quoted Newslodge from CNBC, this is the first time a company has succeeded in removing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, placing it underground to be “locked permanently.”

Adala Christoph Gebald and Jan Wurzbacher founded Climeworks in 2009 as a spin-off from ETH Zurich, a technical university in Switzerland. They developed a technology to remove carbon by machines sucking greenhouse gases out of the air.

Over the past few years, Microsoft, Stripe and Shopify funded Climeworks’ future carbon removal in an effort to help kick-start this nascent industry. Now Climeworks has done it.

Carbon dioxide removal and storage costs for these corporate clients are confidential and depend on the amount of carbon dioxide the company wants to remove and for how long.

But it is estimated that they cost several hundred dollars per tonne. Individuals can also pay Climeworks to remove carbon dioxide if they want to be more environmentally friendly.

Climeworks has raised over USD 780 million in funding from various investors. Climeworks’ largest carbon dioxide removal facility is in Iceland, in partnership with CarbFix, which stores it underground.

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CarbFix dissolves carbon dioxide in water then mix it with basalt rock formations. Natural processes turn the material into solid carbonate minerals in about two years.

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Miraculously, This Company Turns Carbon Dioxide Into Stone

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