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We have moved all templates to this collection page. It includes All Resume and Cover Letter Templates, Business Plan Templates, Invoice Templates and More...

Thursday, May 23, 2024

Nigerian content creator spends 24 hours buried in casket

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On Wednesday, a Nigerian content maker who identifies as Young C embarked on a challenge to be buried alive in a coffin for 24 hours.

The 26-year-old content creator made this known in a series of posts on his Instagram page on Wednesday, stating that the stunt was genuine and not a hoax.


The Rivers State-based content creator has had several attempts to claim fame.

Despite setbacks in his musical endeavors with tracks like ‘Ekaette’ (2020), ‘Money’ (2020), and ‘This Year’ (2021), he refused to be confined by failure.


Steering away from music, he ventured into the transportation industry, establishing ‘Obere Eje Transportation Company’ in Oyigbo, Rivers State.

However, it was his foray into content creation that truly seemed to make a lasting impression, as he is known for his outrageous challenges and stunts.

From crashing a $100,000 bulletproof car to masquerading as a madman in Port Harcourt, his antics are always far from safe.

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Yet, it was his latest venture that pushed the boundaries of risk-taking: being buried alive.

Engaging his followers through a live video session from ‘the grave’, Young C embarked on what could be his most perilous stunt yet.

He also promised live updates from his underground confinement.

The Stunt

Sharing a video on his Instagram account on Wednesday, he said, “I am going to be spending the next 24 hours buried in this casket. Guys, this is real, not fake.”

“And the most amazing part is that I am going to go live at night”, he said.

In the video, he descended into a grave-like pit, surrounded by a wooden coffin structure as sand piled up around him.

After descending into the wooden coffin structure, and being covered, his associates then buried him.

Meanwhile, two of his framed pictures were kept on both sides of the grave.


In a subsequent update, a few hours later, Young C posted another video on his Instagram where he revealed that he had been buried for over 8 hours and was experiencing physical discomfort, including excessive sweating.

In the second video on Wednesday evening, he said in part, “Guys, I have been buried alive for over 8 hours now. For those of you who saw my first video, I have been down here. As you can see, my camera is still rolling, and I have my light down there, I am sweating, guys.”

Inside the constructed ‘casket-like’ structure were two bulbs at both ends, a pillow, and other essentials he might be needing, like his power bank, phones, food and water. He also brought a bottle for urinating.

He lamented that the rechargeable electric fan he brought was not sufficient enough and he forgot to bring the charger alongside. While he reassured his followers that he would keep them posted in another video at 8 p.m.

In another update, during his live video session on TikTok and Instagram with his followers, Young C complained of having a serious headache.

In the last video posted on his Instagram page on Thursday morning, Young C complained that he had exhausted the four bottles of water he took to the grave.

And while he had one more hour left, he said he would drink his urine, which was stored up in another container.

However, as of press time, it’s been three hours since he posted his last video, with no update from him yet.

Growing concerns

In his comment section, concern grows as Young C fails to deliver promised updates as the clock ticked past 8 p.m on Wednesday with no sign of the promised update.

While some fans expressed concern for his well-being, others are advocating for his arrest, and many others are encouraging him to continue till the end of his 24-hour challenge.

This daring feat is a similar stunt by American YouTuber Jimmy Donaldson best known as MrBeast, who buried himself alive for 50 hours to highlight deforestation.

Two years ago, MrBeast attempted to break his record by spending seven consecutive days buried in a coffin.

His specially designed coffin was equipped with provisions for food, water, and cameras to monitor his condition.

Despite facing physical and mental challenges, including back pain and emotional distress, MrBeast completed the seven-day challenge and was finally exhumed.

He cautioned viewers against attempting similar stunts, emphasizing the potential dangers involved.


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