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We have moved all templates to this collection page. It includes All Resume and Cover Letter Templates, Business Plan Templates, Invoice Templates and More...

Saturday, April 13, 2024

Nigerian TikTok Creators Ola of Lagos and Iremide Score Big Wins at Creator Awards

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Nigeria Content Creators dominated the TikTok Top Creator Awards held at Vodacom World in Johannesburg with four wins out of eight categories.

The awards celebrated talent and paid homage to and commended the creativity and diverse content produced by creators across Sub-Saharan Africa.


Waris Akinwade, known as Ola of Lagos, won the Trailblazer of the Year award, while PulseNigeria247 secured the Publisher of the Year title.

Khalamanja won the Gaming Creator of the Year award, and Iremide was honoured as the Lifestyle and Education Creator of the Year recipient.

TikTok said these winners have left an indelible mark on the digital realm, showcasing their innovation and prowess, thereby underscoring Nigeria’s position as a digital trailblazer and hub of creativity.


The Head of Content Operations for TikTok in Sub-Saharan Africa, Bianca Sibiya, praised the region’s creators for their unwavering commitment to crafting content that resonates with their followers.

“As we conclude the Top Creator Awards, I am genuinely impressed by the achievements of Nigerian content creators. With an outstanding performance, securing four out of eight categories, Nigeria has demonstrated its talent and creativity on the global stage of TikTok. We look forward to witnessing their continued success and influence on our platform.

“In December 2023, TikTok fans cast their votes for their favourite creators, with winners selected by public vote and a TikTok judging panel. From each category, one victor emerged.”

About the winners

Ola of Lagos, once a cleaner, rose to stardom through his expertise in crafting skits and content revolving around a lavish lifestyle and luxury cars. With his creative flair and opulent productions, he has garnered a dedicated following of 1.6 million on TikTok.


Upon receiving the award, he expressed immense excitement, acknowledging the honour of being recognised as a trailblazer and a humbling experience. He expressed his belief in pushing boundaries and shattering stereotypes.

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Khalamanja gained renown for his gaming content, accumulating 2.6 million likes and 20 million views. His captivating blend of gameplay, tutorials, and witty commentary has cultivated a loyal fanbase, allowing him to entertain and engage with fellow gamers continuously.

In response to his win, he thanked his followers for their unwavering support, recognising that his success wouldn’t have been achievable without them.

Gaming creator of the year- Khalamanja_

“Together, we have built a community where gaming is not just a hobby but a shared passion and source of joy,” he added.

Iremide, the champion of Lifestyle and Education Creator, has captivated audiences with her visually stunning content.

With her blend of lifestyle tips and engaging DIY projects, she has cultivated a dedicated following of 1.2 million enthusiasts.

Reflecting on her victory, she expressed how she embodies creativity in every aspect of her life, and receiving this recognition reaffirmed the boundless potential creativity unlocks.

Sharing her thoughts on the journey, Iremide expressed her excitement to continue inspiring and empowering others through her content.

PulseNigeria247, a pioneering news outlet, leverages TikTok to deliver timely and pertinent information to its followers.

Their steadfast commitment to keeping their audience informed and engaged positions them as leaders in the platform’s publishing domain.

Demi Dawson, the director of content at Pulse Nigeria, expressed gratitude to TikTok for the award and for providing a platform for the news outlet to participate in the process.


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