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Tuesday, May 28, 2024

Nigerians buzzing over Zack Orji and Eucharia Anumobi’s steamy bath scene in ‘Glamour Girls’

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What is that one movie that comes to mind when you think of iconic controversial sex scenes in Nollywood classics? – The 1994 movie, ‘Glamour Girls’.

Regarding memorable controversial love scenes in Nollywood classics, “Glamour Girls” immediately steals the spotlight.


The cherished flick among Nollywood fans scored big for its take on gender equality in a male-dominated society.

Directed by Chika Onukwufor, the movie trails young women diving into the realm of prostitution, wrestling with dreams, desires, and societal norms.

This two-part classic was a sensation in Nigeria, and it even got a Netflix remake in June 2022.


The original 1994 film starred a stellar cast, including Liz Benson, Ngozi Ikpelue (now Ngozi Ezeonu), Eucharia Anunobi, Pat Attah, Ernest Obi, Zack Orji, and more.

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Sandra’s life turns when she meets wealthy Esiri, who offers her marriage and a job at his bank. But her choice between him and struggling job-seeker Dennis, portrayed by Pat Attah, sparks conflict.

The second part delves deeper into their struggles with prostitution for survival.

This is where the movie also explores the subplot of Jesse, played by Tina Amuziam, and Fred, portrayed by Zack Orji.

Fred introduces Jesse to prostitution in Italy to raise money but later abandons her for another woman. And guess who this other woman was? None other but Eucharia Anunobi.

One of the most memorable scenes in “Glamour Girls” features Eucharia and Zack sharing a bathtub in an erotic moment.

Just imagine younger Zack, the charming leading man, and Eucharia, the epitome of elegance, sharing a heated bath moment.

It was reported that this scene caused quite a stir, with some even suggesting that both actors should step away from their church roles.

Interestingly, compared to today’s erotic scenes in recent Nollywood, this bathtub scene is relatively subtle.

The scene was detailed and erotic, with little or no exposition of nudity, yet it got Nigerians talking.

Now, let’s set the scene. After returning from Italy, Fred (Zack) hurried to meet Anita (Eucharia), his wife’s best friend, who was still in school. Excited about his new house, he extended an invitation to her.

Anita stopped by Fred’s new place in Lagos to freshen up quickly. She soaked in the luxurious bathtub, surrounded by fluffy bubbles, and called Fred for assistance.

Responding to Anita’s call, Fred entered the bathroom and was greeted by an alluring sight.

Anita then asked for his help scrubbing her back, though her instructions seemed somewhat lax. She warned him not to steal a glance at her body.

Despite his best intentions, Fred couldn’t resist the temptation and complimented her figure, earning himself a playful splash from Anita for his boldness. Now wet from the splashes, Anita invited Fred to join her in the bathtub.

Anita’s invitation wasn’t just words; she drew Fred closer, kissing him tenderly and caressing his body softly.

Despite being married, Fred couldn’t resist and found himself in the bathtub with her.

Soft tunes played in the background as they engaged in a passionate make-out session, marked by tender kisses, gentle touches, and mutual scrubbing in the warm water. Anita’s legs crossed over Fred’s head as he became utterly lost in the moment.

But it didn’t end there; in the subsequent scene, Fred emerged from the bathroom clad in a red-striped bathrobe while Anita adorned a matching towel.

The intensity only heightened as they resumed their passionate kissing, with Anita gently removing Fred’s robe, prompting him to reciprocate, leaving both garments discarded on the floor as they continued their encounter.

The setting shifted to a luxurious bedroom, where Fred and Anita were beneath a sky-blue duvet, ‘enjoying each other’s company’.

However, their intimate moment was interrupted by the ringing of Fred’s phone—it was Jessy, his wife, checking in on him.

Despite the interruption, their romantic mood persisted. Subsequent scenes captured them sharing tender moments in the gym and by the swimming pool, their love seemingly undiminished by the outside world.

What made this bath scene stand out wasn’t just its explicitness and the nuanced performances by Zack and Eucharia.

They brought depth and vulnerability to their roles, humanising characters often relegated to stereotypes. Through their on-screen chemistry, they immersed viewers into the characters they portrayed without displaying nudity, which is not found in today’s Nollywood flicks, which aim to depict an erotic scene.

Another thing that made these scenes stand out was their audaciousness. At a time when Nollywood was still finding its footing, “Glamour Girl” fearlessly delved into themes of desire, power, and exploitation. The bathroom scenes, in particular, pushed the boundaries of on-screen intimacy, presenting a raw and unfiltered portrayal of human relationships, which are relatable and unoffensive, even in contemporary times.

Moreover, the performances of Zack and Eucharia were nothing short of mesmerising. Their chemistry crackled on screen, drawing audiences into the complex dynamics of their characters’ relationships.

They brought depth and authenticity to the controversial scenes through subtle gestures and intense exchanges, elevating them beyond mere sensationalism. This was when acting was beyond body shape, as that would have been the case if the same scene was to be shot in a movie today. It was purely a case of talent.

However, with its boldness came controversy. The explicit nature of the bathroom scenes raised eyebrows and sparked debates about the portrayal of intimacy in the Nigerian film industry at the time.

Why all the fuss, you ask? Well, imagine the cultural shockwaves rippling through conservative Nigerian society at the sight of two beloved actors sharing such an intimate moment on screen. It was scandalous, it was daring, and it was downright too juicy. In a conservative society like Nigeria, at least in the early 1990s, where discussions about sex and nudity are often taboo,

But beyond the scandal, there was something undeniably captivating about this scene. It wasn’t just about titillating the audience;

Of course, the controversy only fueled the film’s popularity, cementing “Glamour Girls” as a must-watch for Nollywood aficionados. Some praised the film’s daring approach, applauding its willingness to tackle taboo subjects head-on.

As for Zack and Eucharia, they emerged from the steamy bath scene as icons, forever etched in the movie industry as legends.


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