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Sunday, June 23, 2024

Nkiru Sylvanus’ iconic role in the 2002 Nollywood classic ‘A Cry for Help’

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When you hear “The Crying Baby of Nollywood” in the early 2000s, Nkiru Sylvanus is the name that instantly comes to mind. This beautiful, young, light-skinned actress, affectionately called “Ble Ble,” was known for her tearful performances in almost all of her films.

Have you ever wondered how she became so famous for her crying roles? Her portrayal of the title character in the 2002 Nollywood classic Agony of an Orphan earned her a reputation.


Many people tend to forget her real name, while others call her “Ble Ble” or simply “Blessing,” all names derived from her role in the film A Cry for Help. This iconic role cemented her place in Nollywood history, making her synonymous with emotional and tearful performances that touched many hearts.

Call for help

In this movie, she cried in almost every scene, making her tears contagious and touching the hearts of viewers. It was almost impossible to watch Ble Ble cry without shedding a tear.


Despite being released in 2002 during the VHS era, the film made a significant impact and became a staple in almost every home.

Directed by Andy Amenechi, “Agony of an Orphan (A Cry for Help)” featured a stellar cast including Nkiru Sylvanus, Clem Ohameze, Emeka Nwafor, Ejike Asiegbu, Rita Nzelu, Amaechi Muonagor, Andy Chukwu, Ngozi Nwosu and Chinwe Owoh. .

It’s been 22 years since the film’s release, and in this article Newslodgerevisits Nkiru Sylvanus’ iconic role in the 2002 Nollywood classic ‘A Cry for Help’.

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The film begins with a captivating scene: a young girl named Blessing (played by Nkiru Sylvanus), dressed in black mourning clothes, sitting next to a grave with a bouquet, singing and crying.

She has lost her parents and, overcome with grief, finds solace by singing at their grave. Her song, “Ebe Omasirigi,” is an Igbo hymn that expresses trust in God despite the difficulties of life, and means “If it pleases you that I am in this situation, then it pleases me.”

Nkiru in a cry for help

This heartfelt song, along with Blessing’s tragic circumstances, resonates deeply with the audience.

Unable to stay in the village with her Aunt Ezinne (played by Chinwe Owoh), Blessing begs for a change of scenery.

Ezinne arranges for her brother, Uzorechi (played by Clem Ohameze), a man who fights his demons with alcohol and cigarettes, to take Blessing to town. Although he hesitates due to his difficulties, Uzorechi finally agrees, hoping that the move will help ease Blessing’s pain. However, this marks the beginning of his trials.

In town, Uzorechi introduces Blessing to her employer, Mr. David (played by Amaechi Muonagor), who offers her a job as a housekeeper. While Mr. David is kind, his wife, Becky (played by Rita Nzelu), is cruel.

Becky mistreats Blessing, beating her, starving her, making her sleep on the floor, and hurling insults at her. Becky eventually accuses Blessing of stealing her wedding ring and forces her out.

Uzorechi then finds Blessing another job with Oga Joe, whose wife owns a small supermarket. However, Oga Joe begins to lust after Blessing and attempts to assault her. When she rejects his advances, he accuses her of theft and is fired again.

Frustrated by the repeated accusations, Uzorechi warns Blessing that she will have to return to the village if she is fired again. She then gets him a job at Madame Kofo’s bar. But Madame Kofo has sinister intentions: to push Blessing into prostitution. Blessing stands firm and refuses to compromise her values.

True to his word, Uzorechi takes her to the bus station to send her back to the village. However, Blessing escapes from her, determined to continue her fight for a better life. The question remains: will she ever find peace and comfort?

Nkiru Sylvanus

Nkiru began acting at age 17 and landed her breakthrough role as Blessing in the 2002 hit film, A Cry for Help, earning her the nickname “Ble-Ble.”

Born in Abia State, she became known in the early 2000s for her tearful and sad roles.

His performance in “A Cry for Help” was particularly memorable. The deep emotional immersion of her character resonated strongly with the audience. Her portrayal of her pain and sadness felt incredibly genuine and she showed off her raw talent.

Her ability to evoke such strong emotions on screen earned her the title “Nollywood’s Cry Baby,” making her a beloved figure in the Nigerian film industry.

The nickname “Ble-Ble” comes from the way Clem Ohameze’s character, Uncle Uzorechi, would call her to comfort her during her darkest moments in the film.

Nkiru took a break from acting in 2010 after winning the title of Ambassador of Hope, a contest organized by former Imo State governor Rochas Okorocha that launched her into politics.

In 2011, she was appointed Special Assistant to Governor Okorocha as Imo State Liaison Officer in Lagos. In 2018, she was appointed Acting Director General of the Imo State Film Academy, established by Governor Okorocha.

In January 2023, Nkiru married his love, Riches Sammy, in a traditional ceremony in his hometown in Osisioma Local Government Area of ​​Abia State.

Riches Sammy is a Japan-based actor, business magnate and investor with significant investments in Japanese hospitality and nightlife. He owns luxury clubs, bars, restaurants and lounges in Japan and Nigeria. The couple celebrated their white/church wedding in Enugu State on January 15, 2023.

During his time away from acting, Nkiru focused on politics and other businesses. During his heyday, he also got endorsements from several brand ambassadors, including deals with GLO, MTN, Delta Soap, etc.

Watch the film below.

AGONY FOR AN ORPHAN (Cry for Help) Classic Nollywood Movie (


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