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We have moved all templates to this collection page. It includes All Resume and Cover Letter Templates, Business Plan Templates, Invoice Templates and More...

Tuesday, July 23, 2024

Sanwo-Olu unveils Africa’s first water park in Lagos State

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Governor Babajide Sanwo-Olu inaugurated a N6 billion water park at Makarios Luxury Place in Ibeju-Lekki area of ​​Lagos State.

The luxurious Water Display Park, the first of its kind in Africa, was facilitated by Senior Pastor Matthew Ashimolowo of Kingsway International Christian Center (KICC).

The opening ceremony, held on Sunday, was attended by prominent Nigerians, media personalities and foreign guests, all eager to witness the grand debut of Makarios Water Display.

Sanwo-Olu hailed the project as a testament to the power of imagination and innovation, emphasizing its role in transforming Lagos into a dynamic and forward-thinking metropolis.

During the inauguration, the Governor of Lagos State said: “It is about making a dream come true and daring to do things differently. When they showed me what is being put here today and Ashimolowo came to see me, they need not be more convinced that this is the power of imagination and bringing imagination to reality.

“The things we see in other parts of the world, the inspiring landscape from other parts, are brought here. The least you can do is recognize and appreciate it and be a true facilitator of those initiatives; As your governor, we are proud of this masterpiece tonight.”

The Lagos State Governor promised to continue supporting initiatives that push the boundaries of creativity and contribute to the growth of the city.

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Sanwo-Olu added: “Really, for us it is about allowing bigger things to happen. Lagos remains home to all of us, but Lagos is also a future to which we all aspire. Lagos is not only growing, but is also a very resilient and forward-thinking state; When we see investments from our citizens and foreign lands coming to the city, we are always encouraged to support the investment.”

The governor praised the brain behind the project, Ashimolow, for putting Lagos at the forefront of development with laudable projects like the Water Display Park, which would attract local and international investors to the state.


Ashimolowo, who is not only the Senior Pastor of Kingsway International Christian Center (KICC) but also the Chairman of Makarios Luxury Properties Limited, said Makarios Water Display is the first in Sub-Saharan Africa, stating that the concept came from what he saw in Dubai during COVID-19.

Narrating his inspiration for embarking on the Water Display project, he said: “My grandchildren were always bored when we came from abroad; It became clear to me that I could do something and be part of the legacy, be part of the solution, be part of the answer to this. People wanted to come to Nigeria and there were no tourist places.

“Lagos has 22 million inhabitants and there is not a zoo or many places that people can visit. It occurred to me to do something like this. I didn’t know it would be so expensive, but here we are. We have tested the equipment, the show is ready, we are ready for Nigeria and we are ready for the audience.

“I’m happy it happened. I don’t want to be part of the Nigerians in the diaspora who are always calling and complaining. That’s what most of them do. I have lived for 40 years in Europe and I still live there. “I want to be part of that solution to the problem.”

He described the Makarios water display as a rare and unusual water display that thrills with nothing less than visual appeal: “It will be fascinating to the eyes, mind and spirit. First of all, you see dancing water. Secondly, you see the water responding to the music. Thirdly, you see water mixed with laser light and fourthly, you see water rising,” Ashimolowo said.

Makarios water display

According to Ashimolowo, Makarios Water Display is one of the few water shows in the world that has a water display in the middle.

Describing the features of the park, Mr Ashimolowo highlighted its unique aquatic displays, which include dancing water synchronized to music and enhanced by laser lights. He also teased upcoming attractions, like a water park for kids, promising even more excitement.

Despite the significant investment required, Ashimolowo affirmed his commitment to making the park accessible to all and announced affordable ticket prices to ensure widespread enjoyment of its wonders.

He revealed that for the public to access such fascinating scenes, adults would pay a fee of N10,000 while children would pay N4,000.

The innovative park is expected to be a leisure and entertainment tourist attraction in sub-Saharan Africa.

The park, which covers an impressive 6,000 square meters, features a combination of cutting-edge technology and designs.

But the park’s appeal doesn’t end there; Holographic projections transform the water into captivating displays, creating a magical atmosphere reminiscent of a fairy tale.

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