We have moved all templates to this collection page. It includes All Resume and Cover Letter Templates, Business Plan Templates, Invoice Templates and More...


We have moved all templates to this collection page. It includes All Resume and Cover Letter Templates, Business Plan Templates, Invoice Templates and More...

Thursday, May 23, 2024

Stunning Red Carpet Looks from Saga, Ebuka, RMD, and more (PHOTOS)

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On the red carpet of the 10th AMVCA, which came to a grand close on Saturday night, the guys came battle-ready and gave the ladies a good run with their exquisite tastes and designs.

From traditional attires to a modern twist to English apparel, the guys pushed fashion boundaries, even overshadowing the ladies with their intimidating looks and designs.


Here, PREMIUM TIMES highlights 10 of the best-dressed male at the 10th AMVCA.


The veteran actor has aced every event. No matter how simple, he finds a way to uphold a unique style synonymous with him. At the 2024 AMVCA red carpet, he stunned in a purple Asoke agbada nicely embroidered with lilac, accompanied by traditional red beads and complimentary fila cut in slant stripes with dropping loops, redefining the regular Fulani cap. He topped the look with a staff made of purple shiny circular patterns. This rich ensemble of different cultures in one piece is a win.


His style gets a 10/10

Saga Adeoluwa

Saga Adeoluwa deserves applause for his confidence and audacity. He has proven to truly be a man of the art and an alpha male because it takes audacity for a man to pull off a pink outfit the way he did. He wore a woven pink suit and cloak on a white shirt and cowboy boat. This outfit was a kill, as the pants were old-school, the suit sleeveless, and his hands were visible through the false pockets on the cloak.

His style gets a 9/10.


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Timini Egbuson

Timini Egbuson, popularly known as Nollywood’s number-one lover boy, has always succeeded with style. Day in, day out, you can call him “Mr Styles.” He wore a velvet royal blue coat over a dark ash shirt and dark khaki palazzo trousers. He stepped it up with a shiny leather shoe with a square sole. He also complimented the looks with silver crystal frame glasses, stone stud earrings, and a bejewelled baby brooch.

His looks earned him a 9/10

Noble Igwe

The renowned celebrity designer rarely has a fashion miss. This brother can always go right in style. Gracing the occasion in a dark blue, white striped double-button suit over a white shirt and a white palazzo made of Jonkoso fabric, the celebrity designer complimented the entire look with a cake-like pink Fedora. He knew he was king, and he walked the walk.

His style got him an 8/10

Tobi Bakre
Tobi Bakre

Tobi Bakre, known for his excellence and simplicity, has always kept things simple and not loud. He wore a coffee-brown suit over a carton-coloured shirt and matching tie. The catch is that his cloak suit had no buttons but a giant safety pin pinned to the right outer side of the suit, which was uniquely designed for the outfit. Smokey brown glasses and a brown leather Chelsea boot complimented the outfit.

His outfit gets an 8/10

Ebuka Obi-Uchendu

Ebuka-BBN is one of Nigeria’s best-dressed and most fashionable men in the entertainment industry. He has defined and redefined male dressing. At the 10th AMVCA, he appeared in a magnificent polkadot black-and-white suit with an emphatic white raw silk lapel worn over a black stone-dazzled shirt, a black bowtie, and a shiny black shoe. As expected, the pants were black and beltless.

His outfit and style are rated 9.5/10.

Stan Nze
Stan Eze

The 2022 AMVCA winner for best actor and nominee of the 2024 AMVCA showed up in a black three-piece with a touch of white. The suit had its lapel white, and the monkey jacket or petty coat had its hem beaming with white. The most exciting end was the pop of pearls on the hem of the jackets. He accompanied this with the harness of his macho muscles and delicate brown skin. On his feet, he wore a black and white leather shoe. He was intentional.

His outfit hit him an 8/10

Akin Faminu
Akin Faminu

The fashion and lifestyle content creator never slacks. Wearing an Atafo SS24, he looked like the groom a bride desires to walk up to at the altar: a white suit, a white shirt, and black pants. As a statement maker, he didn’t fail us, as this black suit had a black dragon painting from the back button to the left scapular into the left sleeve, spitting fire. This ensemble is a play out of style and class.

His outfit gets a 9/10.

Dotun Oloniyo

Dotun Oloniyo, also known as “Energy GAD”, didn’t miss out on this. He dazzled in a matching boot-cut pant, a black shirt, and an oxblood tie. This celebrity on-air personality (OAP) and super hype man had his famous blonde hair cut beaming on the rocks on his cloak jacket and a black shoe to compliment his shirt.

He gets a 9/10

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Neo Akpofure

This ex-BBN star has kept his fashion pace. At the AMVCA cultural day held at the Eko cultural centre on May 10, dressed to celebrate and emphasise the rich culture of the Urhobos, Neo came as tops for the best-dressed male at the cultural day. Not relenting, he also made a statement with his outfit at the 10th AMVCA. It is cut like a petty coat, but this time, it has sleeves on both arms and gloves on the left. The entire top was dazzled with nude and cream pearls. It was designed to reflect the body of a well-built, macho man. Underneath the left breast was a tear bleeding with blood, but on a closer look, it was just a drop of strings of red beads. This outfit was created to look like body armour.

He gets a 9/10


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