Technician receives life imprisonment for sexual assault on a neighbor’s daughter

Judge Abiola Soladoye of a Court of Sexual Offenses and Domestic Violence in Lagos, yesterday, convicted and sentenced a technician, Efe Akioya, to life imprisonment for raping his neighbor’s five-year-old girl.

The judge found Akioya guilty on state government charges for desecrating a neighbor’s daughter in her bedroom. The prosecution said that the convict committed the crime on May 12, 2020 on Meiran Road, opposite the Omoroga market, Lagos.

His offense violated Section 137 of the Lagos State Penal Law, 2015.
During the trial, the prosecution team, Mr. Olusola Soneye and Ms. Abimbola Abolade, called four witnesses while the accused and another person testified as witnesses in the case.

However, when passing sentence, Judge Soladoye said that the prosecution proved the ingredient of dishonor against the convicted person. The judge said that the vivid testimony of the minor (surviving) corroborated the evidence of the mother who found a foul-smelling watery substance, suspected of being sperm, on her daughter’s pants after she left the convict’s room. .

“The defendant, having been found guilty of the charges, is sentenced to life imprisonment and his name must be registered with the Lagos State Sex Offenders Register,” the judge said.

The judge held that: “There is ample evidence before this court that is compelling, compelling and convincing that the survivor was sexually assaulted and she recognized ‘brother Efe’ when she saw him.

“His testimony was lucid, unequivocal and truthful. In addition to the vivid narrative of the survivor, the evidence from prosecution witness three (PW3), Dr. Maria Fadogba, is crucial as the medical examination of her revealed vaginal penetration.”

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The judge also confirmed the evidence of the Investigative Police Officer (IPO), Mr. Orebe, noting that he corroborated the evidence of the survivor and her mother.

“I refer to Exhibit A, which was submitted during the course of this trial, which is the defendant’s out-of-court statement at the Gender Unit in Ikeja and I quote

“Today being May 12, 2020, around 3:45 p.m. I was in my room watching television, then I saw the victim go down the hall and called her. She sat next to me in my room, then I carried her on my lap, from there I released semen all over her body.’

“The defendant’s testimony in court denying the charges against him is an attempt to mislead the court. Exhibit A was filed and this was the defendant’s statement,” the court held.

However, the judge warned parents not to be careless with young children, as the threat of desecration is the order of the day.

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Technician receives life imprisonment for sexual assault on a neighbor's daughter

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