The facts, fables and weaknesses of the NFF elections


It appears that the Nigerian Football Federation (NFF) board election train has left Terminus. The contestants are preparing for the election despite an overwhelming “consensus” that some changes to the electoral rules must be made in order to usher in a new era and regime of football development following the failure of the outgoing board. as evidenced by the empty trophy shelf in the football house.

Only those directly involved in the affairs of the football federation in the last eight years of the board would regard the term as anything more than a failure.

That the main players on that junta have the audacity to seek to become the next president raises questions about the election process. They generally should or shouldn’t secure a single vote, if public sentiment about them is to be interpreted. Even the President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria had to take the unprecedented step of pointing out that amendments are needed and must be made to provide the platform for more equitable elections to be held.

To all intents and purposes, his sage advice is being ignored, totally ignored. Elections made by the same old ‘failed’ people and processes are expected to produce a different result. Who is cheating on whom?

It follows that the process will continue to attract forensic scrutiny and demand an audit, until something is done to stem the disturbing decline in the development of the country’s number one sport.

Agreeing to a flawed electoral process would never produce a different and better crop of leadership and direction for Nigerian football.
How can an ‘outsider’ believe that he can win with an unbalanced electorate that gives absolute control of the levers of power to 37 people who should not be in the Elective Congress in the first place?

The presidents of the State Football Association will surely not relinquish power and loosen their stranglehold on Nigerian football.
The big question is: how did they become so powerful and dominant on the Nigerian football board? They will determine who becomes the next president of the NFA. They have 37 of 44 votes!

How did the country get to this flawed state?
The biggest, the most powerful, the biggest contributor, the biggest shareholder and the biggest investor in Nigerian football today has been rendered powerless by time, ignorance and inexperience to deal with the failed system and fix the problems of the Nigerian football administration.

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The Ministry in charge of Sport, which oversees all sports in the country, is a direct stakeholder and a legal member of the General Assembly as well as the Elective Congress of the Board of Directors of the football association and all other sports associations. of the country except, probably, Golf and Boxing.

The Ministry was forced and circumvented by the Presidents of the State Associations at the General Assembly held in Port Harcourt in 2004.
To achieve a specific specific purpose, the General Assembly reasoned to change the name of the Nigerian Football Association to the Nigerian Football Federation, and the ‘President’ of the Association to the ‘President’ of a new Federation.

Through this innocuous change of name and title, the legally registered Nigerian club association called the Nigerian Football Association was changed to the Nigerian Football Federation to represent the assembly of state football associations, without any statutory authority in the laws. from Nigeria.

To date, the Nigerian Football Federation does not exist under Nigerian law. The body is not registered as a private corporate entity. Its name change from Association to Federation is only on paper, a smokescreen with which the NFF has been operating as an illegitimate organization in Nigeria, illegally raising funds from the Federal Government of Nigeria, removing legitimate owners and shareholders of Nigerian football. of the blackboard, and labeling the Sports Ministry as a nosy ‘Third Party’.

That name and title change created the basis for a power shift that removed, or diminished, the role and place of the following bodies of the football organization’s Board: the Ministry of Sports, the Nigerian School Sports Federation , the trainers. Association, the tertiary institutions physical and health constituency, the referees association, the players association, the military and paramilitary constituency, the youth federation, the body of academies and any other registered members or potential members directly involved as stakeholders in Nigerian football. .

The least qualified body as members or even stakeholders of the Nigerian Football Association are now in the absolute majority under the current system introduced at the NFA General Assembly, in Port Harcourt, in 2004.

That’s where the Nigerian football train derailed. To fix it, to get football development back on the right track, the country needs to review what happened in Port Harcourt and make corrections.

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Only after that can Idah Peterside, Abba Yola, Christian Emeruwa, or any of the outsiders trying to win election to the next board, all genuinely qualified interested parties, be able to run and hope to win election and become president of the NFF. .

The Nigerian Football Federation, as currently constituted, is an association of State Football Associations. That title must revert to the Nigerian Football Association, an association of Nigerian clubs.

The State Football Associations are created by the State governments. They have no investment in Nigerian football. They are not club owners. They do not own stadiums. They don’t own anything. They are not legal entities registered with the Corporate Affairs Commission. They don’t even pay registration fees as members of the Nigerian Football Association. Their role, aside from registering their local clubs for Nigerian Football Association competitions, goes no further than organizing national football within their States.

They are members of the General Assembly of Nigerian football to take part in formulating and auditing general policy, but not members of the Elective Congress. As a member of the General Assembly, any member of any State Association can compete for any football office in the country.

So how did they become so powerful as a group?
Once again, it is that name change from Association to Federation that introduced them as the ‘feeder’ of the national association, a representative of the national association in the States.

These days, I even hear from some wannabes as part of their manifesto, planning to fund State Football Association programs! This is how distorted the roles and being of the different bodies within the football organization have become.

The name and title changes were used to accomplish a specific diabolical goal at one point in 2004. They were put in place to stop a particular NFA president in his quest to retain power. The weapon was never sheathed again in its original place.

Over time, the bug became the norm, and here we are, almost 30 years later, facing the Monster we created. We are now faced with the almost impossible action of returning to the Nigerian Football Association which existed, prospered and empowered the actual members of the association, not the state associations which have no direct role to play in the development of football. at the national level. , beyond what they are doing now: install one of their own to become president and further enslave Nigerian football development and other members.

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Again, in our particular peculiar situation in Nigeria that no one on earth can criticize, the Ministry of Sport owns the Nigerian national teams, it owns the NFF secretariat, it owns several of the stadiums that are used in the country’s football and is therefore a legal and legitimate member of the General Assembly, Member of Congress and Elective Congress of the Nigerian Football Association.

That is why since the inception of the NFA the ministry has always held a place as a Member of the Association. That is why its representative on the board has won more elections than any other constituency in the history of Nigerian football.

The ‘Federation’ that the NFF runs today is illegal. It carries a misrepresentation of the true owners and members of the Nigerian football body. It feeds the mistaken impression that the football house is an association of state football associations, while it is an association of registered football clubs and affiliated bodies.

Unfortunately, the situation has become so confused in the mind that the ministry now positions itself as an outsider and an overseer of the Nigerian Football Association, giving importance to the mannequin being sold to CAF and FIFA that it is an external body. , or a third party.

Is that what this is all about, selling a mannequin, given away and living under a false impression, fueled by the fear that the country will be suspended for interfering in the affairs of an organization that does not exist in Nigerian law?

This mumu must stop.
If he were the current Minister of Sports, the current elections would be the perfect tool and opportunity to right the wrongs and stop the slide towards sustenance of failure ahead if we allow the President of Nigeria to swallow his words of wisdom. and advise, and allow illegality to reign over equity and justice.

We cannot be doing the same failed things over and over again and expect a different result. Unfortunately, I am not Sunday Dare. The ball is completely in his court.

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