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We have moved all templates to this collection page. It includes All Resume and Cover Letter Templates, Business Plan Templates, Invoice Templates and More...

Tuesday, May 28, 2024

The Inspiration Behind My Dive into Filmmaking: Creating ‘Water & Garri’- Tiwa Savage

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Nigerian singer Tiwa Savage has revealed the driving force behind her latest cinematic venture, “Water & Garri.”

Filmed in Cape Coast, Ghana, the film’s title is the same as the singer’s second Extended Play, which was released in 2021.


Currently streaming on Amazon Prime, the film follows Aisha, portrayed by Tiwa, a determined fashion designer who returns to Nigeria after a decade in the United States.

During a press screening in Lagos on Thursday, the 43-year-old said the film was crafted without focusing on balance.

“We were thinking about excitingly telling the story in a relatable way so that people can feel something when they watch it—you know, some of the contradictions. I’m glad you said that, and I hope that makes you go and watch it.


“I’m not going to give too much away, but that’s good that you have those questions. So I would love for you to watch it so that everything can be clear. Life is never black and white. Life is never like this; there are ups and downs. And so there’s a yin and yang to everything.”

African story

Tiwa Savage, who wrote and performed the original soundtrack for the film, emphasised its captivating nature as an African narrative told by Africans.

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She maintained that the film carries a universal message despite its African roots.

“It still resonated with African Americans, with white people, and people who weren’t even of African descent. So it’s a powerful movie, and I think we should all be proud that we are telling our story ourselves.

“People who are not Africans can take so much away from it. It’s a message about love, about betrayal, about grief. You know, things that many people who are not just Africans can relate to.”

Tiwa added that the film’s success was attributed to the team she worked with.

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“We have a great team, and we’ve been working on balance. I always shout out to Vanessa, who’s been just heaven-sent. She, along with the people around me, has been able to balance things, even motherhood.

“For me, it’s just about having the right people making the right decisions. We don’t always have to answer or accept every offer, but we accept the ones that make sense.”

First love

The singer noted that acting was her initial passion before pursuing music.

She said, “My first love was acting even before music, so I hope to inspire people. I hope it inspires many different talents out there so they don’t have to stick to one thing.

“We all can wear different hats and execute them excellently. So, that would be what I would love to achieve with this. The shift wasn’t as difficult as I thought because I worked with amazing people.”

PREMIUM TIMES reported that she described the movie as one of her most adventurous endeavours yet.

She disclosed that the production spanned two years, highlighting her dual roles as the lead actor and executive producer.

Directed by Meji Alabi, the film was a collaborative effort between Everything Savage and Unbound Studios.

Water and Garri stars Jemima Osunde, Mike Afolarin, and Andrew Bunting.


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