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Tuesday, May 28, 2024

Unbelievable plotline destroys aesthetically pleasing film

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Movie Title: Checklist

Running Time: 90 mins


Streaming Platform: Prime Video

Director: Yemi (Film Boy) Morata

Year of release: 2024


CAST:Bimbo Ademoye, Ebisan Arayi, Ayoola Ayolola, Saidat Balogun, Stephen Damian, Mawuli Gavor, Evelyn John, Jimmy Odukoya, Linda Osifo, and Beverly Osu.

‘Checklist’ is a 2024 Nigerian romantic drama film that takes you on a romantic journey of self-reflection on what you truly desire in a man.

Women’s biological concerns, social pressure and the longing for a committed relationship fuel the movie’s central plot.

Efe and her two close friends, Isoken and Idara, embark on a relatable journey of love, grappling with their expectations and societal pressures as they search for true love.


The Checklist movie

A comedy-drama, Checklist focuses on love, friendship, betrayal, and desperation. The movie offers stunning visuals and aesthetics, but the storyline has room for improvement, appearing unrealistic and predictable. For instance, the character’s ability to find love within a week’s vacation seems far-fetched, and the sudden revelations about the men’s orchestrated efforts to match the checklist criteria feel contrived.


The movie talks about three ladies, Efe, Isoken, and Idara, who are financially stable and beautiful but have had difficult times finding love. Each woman’s background and past experiences shape their motivations and expectations, adding depth to their character and making their journey towards love more compelling.

The film opens with Efe and Isoken playing snooker as they discuss why they don’t get lucky in relationships and the men keep breaking up with them. Frustrated and devastated, the girls devise a checklist to help them get it right.

On her checklist, Efe wants a funny, happy-going man with a muscular physique and a bed-breaker. Isoken, on the other hand, desires a physically appealing man, while Idara prefers a good cook with refined tastes and a linguistic specialist.

Isoken proposes a getaway to broaden their dating pool rather than remain in the same spot, hoping to get a man. The ‘getaway’ is a pivotal moment in the movie, serving as a catalyst for the characters’ romantic adventures and providing a new setting for their interactions and self-discovery.

They set out on a mission to find their perfect partners, armed with detailed checklists. The ‘checklist’ is a central theme in the movie, representing the characters’ expectations and desires for a partner. Each woman has her unique criteria for Mr Right, and the movie explores how these expectations evolve and sometimes are challenged as they navigate the complexities of love.

Idara tells Efe to work with her ‘pompous’ client and leverage the resort the bride secured for a week. The ‘resort’ is a key setting in the movie, providing a backdrop for the characters’ romantic escapades and serving as a catalyst for their self-reflection and personal growth.

Efe never gets the invite for the getaway from her client, whose wedding they will be attending at the resort.

Excited about the plan, the girls go on a shopping spree in preparation for their one-week vacation.

At the resort’s reception, they see Jackson, the owner, who captivates Isoken’s interest despite her friends’ disapproval. She devises a scheme to get Jackson’s attention by getting the necessary information from the receptionist in exchange for her professional help as a doctor.

Being a baddie, Isoken sees Jackson reading a book she knows nothing about. To prompt a conversation, she hurriedly Googles the book and approaches Jackson with the impression that she is familiar with the novel.

Self-conscious about why they are at the resort, Efe goes to the pool to chill. On her way, she meets Mikel, who happens to be acquainted with Idara.

Chef Idara, who is at the resort for a vacation and shouldn’t be cooking, still finds her way to the kitchen. She meets Seyi at the resort restaurant, who appears arrogant because he demands an explanation for the food she brought him.

Seyi is in love with her, but he does not fit her checklist.

Being open-minded, Efe bonds with Mikel as friends, while Isoken is all over Jackson, putting him in a relatively tight corner. Idara, on the other hand, is a bit confused about Seyi’s personality.

As they navigate the challenges of love, Efe, Isoken, and Idara are drawn to men who need to fit their checklists. Along the way, they discover that sometimes, love comes in unexpected packages.

But just as they start to let their guards down, secrets are revealed, and the truth threatens to unravel their newfound connections. With friendships on the line and hearts at stake, the women must confront their desires and redefine what truly matters in matters of the heart. Will they stick to their checklist or follow their instincts to find true happiness?

As the week unfolds, revelations surface, unveiling Jackson’s marital status and the men’s orchestrated efforts to match the checklist criteria. These ‘revelations’ are pivotal moments in the movie, challenging the characters’ expectations and forcing them to confront their desires and redefine what truly matters in matters of the heart.

Character analysis

Bimbo Ademoye, a famous actress, portrays Efe, one of the single ladies seeking love alongside her friends Idara and Isoken. Bimbo Ademoye is not new to roles like this, but she played her part well. Throughout the movie, she acts like the most mature among her friends in handling emotions.

Linda Osifo, in her role as Isoken, effectively portrays someone who is moved by looks and neglects other important factors. She is infatuated with Jackson and relentlessly pursues him, disregarding her checklist due to attraction, which she sees as love. Despite warnings from friends, Isoken falls deeply in love with Jackson, who conceals his marital status, and they go as far as getting intimate during their one-week staycation at the resort.

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Beverly Osu, who played Idara as a chef, is also familiar with roles like this. As always, her acting is commendable.

Movie Analysis

‘Checklist’ is a rollercoaster of romance and unexpected twists, exploring the complexities of modern love and the power of friendship to overcome even the toughest challenges.

Despite the relatable themes, the story tries to portray that love can happen in mysterious ways.

The plot could be more straightforward because Jackson and his male friends seem to love Isoken and her friends, but we are still determining the outcome. Could it be that they only liked them and it wasn’t love? Aside from Seyi, who, after three months, returned to declare his love for Idara, others did not.

Also, Jackson’s wife never appears in the movie. The movie producers seem to be trying to cut costs by ensuring a limited number of cast members.

‘Checklist’ may not have fully met expectations as a romantic film, but the carefully selected actors delivered performances that did not disappoint.


It’s a 6/10 for its attention to aesthetics and ability to manage resources to achieve something.

The actors were carefully selected, and their performances, mainly Bimbo’s portrayal of Efe, were commendable. They added depth to the characters and made them relatable despite the unrealistic storyline.


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